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Publish your tree on artist canvas - using Legacy Charting

Legacy Charting (available in Legacy Family Tree 7.0) produces great charts for family reunions and other occasions. But did you know that it can also produce art-gallery-quality works of art? Once you have created your chart, you can order and have it printed on high-grade artist canvas through Legacy Charting's printing service. The result is a family piece of art that has the texture and feel of an artist's canvas.

Today I created what I believe will be a family heriloom. I recently located an old photograph of the actual ship on which my Danish ancestors sailed to America in 1870. Using Legacy Charting, I created a "Father's Tree" showing the descent from my immigrant ancestor down to me. For the background I used the picture of the ship, and I created a Text Box with the sailing information. I titled the chart "My Danish Heritage."


This picture cannot give you the full effect of the chart for two reasons. First, I removed the pictures and details of the living persons so I could display it here....Second, you cannot feel the actual canvas texture in a digital image. This canvas is otherwise known as a giclée (zhee-CLAY).

A giclée is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer with archival/pigment ink. Giclée are produced from digital images or scans of existing artwork and are usually found in art galleries.  Since many artists now produce only digital art, there is no "original" that can be hung on a wall. Giclée solve that problem, while creating a whole new vibrant medium for art. Giclée are usually framed by stretching on stretcher bars like a piece of art and are rarely matted, only framed.

To order a Matte Canvas Giclée of your family tree, first launch Legacy Charting by clicking on the Charting button in Legacy 7.0's main toolbar. Select the type of chart and adjust the various options by using the Apperance tab. When you are ready:

  • click on the Publish tab
  • click on Order Chart.
  • in the Order Options panel on the right, select the Matte Canvas paper type.

You do not have to wonder how much it will cost, because Legacy Charting displays the total cost (excluding shipping) in this right panel. If the cost is too high or too low, make some sizing adjustments on the Appearance tab, and watch the price adjust. I ordered my canvas for a mere $25. That's right! A canvas of my family tree for $25.

I'm also working on an Ancestor Chart canvas for my mother. Her family came west on the Oregon Trail, so I used the covered wagon image (download for free at www.LegacyCharting.com) for the background:


If you want a truly personalized work of art that would be perfect as a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any other occasion, create your chart today using Legacy Charting.


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How did you get the marriage line between 2 people under the boxes?

Noel - are you referring to the ship chart above? If so, it was created using the Father's Tree. The Father's Tree also displays the wife of each person, which I didn't want for this particular chart. So I marked each wife as "private" in Legacy, then using Charting's privacy options, I turned off their display. The line between generations is automatically there.

Giclee looks and feels like real artwork; however, it has some limitations. It absolutely cannot stand any type of bright sunlight hitting the canvas or it will fade quickly and can become nearly ghostlike in coloration. Wall placement is critical to its life.

Giclees shouldn't fade depending on the ink that was used on the canvas. For our the archival prints in our printing for Legacy Charting, we only use pigment inks. We have run them through the washing machine and left them outside in the snow and sun from Thanksgiving through Valentines and seen no noticeable difference. So, we feel very good about recommending them (like the ink manufacturer does) as archival.
Let me know if I can send you a swatch.
Janet Hovorka
Generation Maps

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