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Windows 7 and virtual software

The next version of Windows is almost here. Today Microsoft released its "release candidate" for the public to download for free. A release candidate is a pre-release, meaning, it has been beta-tested, and is likely the software that will be packaged for the retail market.

Windows 7, in its release candidate edition, will be available for free until June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, if you have installed the new operating system, your computer will shut down every two hours until you install the licensed version.

Virtual Software

Read this before installing Windows 7....

I personally would not suggest installing pre-release software, especially an entire operating system, for use with your one copy of every-day critical data. After all, you would also have to backup all your files and reinstall all your software (unless you are currently using Windows Vista). But if you are one of those techie nerds like myself who wants a jump on all the latest software, I suggest that you install Windows 7 in a "virtual PC" environment or on a spare computer. Using Microsoft's free Virtual PC 2007 or Sun Microsystem's free VirtualBox, you can run multiple operating systems at once, on your one computer.

This means that on your existing computer, you could download/install the Virtual PC/VirtualBox software. Whenever you want to run Windows 7, just startup the virtual software, and in its own Window, you can run Windows 7, or other operating systems. To software testers this is essential because they need to know if their software works on different systems. For home users, it's really just a fun way to keep up and try out new stuff....

How to download

Microsoft suggests that only experienced computer users download the software. If you really want to try this out, click here.

What's New in Windows 7

For a preview of what's coming, click here. A lot of the initial reviews are actually quite good.


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I would never, ever install a new WIN version until at least 1 year after the offical release date. There are bound to be basic operating and security issues. Why risk your system? It will also take time for peripheral manufacturers of scanners, printers, etc. to update their drivers.

I have downloded Win 7 RC and installed it on both Virtual PC 2007 and Virtual Box. Had slightly better results with Virtual Box as I could not get sound running on virtual PC 2007 (not sure why, works great with my 32bit virtual XP PC). Looks like there will be some nice features in the new OS, but I agree with Jon above on giving it a year before diving in on your main machine.

I really like Windows 7 so far. I couldn't get Vista to install on my Laptop or PC without problems, but so far Windows 7 runs great! Even running older programs in Windows XP or 98/ME compatability mode worked better for me than in Vista.

I downloaded and ran the Windows 7 upgrade advisor. So far it says that all my computer programs will work with Winodows 7. So it looks like Legacy will work with Winodws 7. I do not know about the virtulation part of Winodws 7 working with Legacy.

How many years does it take to turn Windows into Apple. Aa 1, Aa 2, ... Aa 25 years to turn Windows into an Apple. The more Microsoft works on Windows the more it looks and acts like the Apple OS. I use Windows exclusively but why doesn't Microsoft just buy Apple and become the OS they have always wanted to be?

Eeeek! Larry, don't even THINK about that - everything that MS buys that had been a competitor, they turn into abandonware without improving their own stuff.

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