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Legacy seminar now downloadable for offline viewing

Legacy Family Tree seminar now online

If you did not make it to Hemet, California three weeks ago for the Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society's "Genealogy Technology with Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen seminar" (that's me!) here's your second chance. We recorded the seminar and have now published the Legacy classes for everyone to view.

In the past, we couldn't make it to every genealogy society around the world that wanted us to demonstrate Legacy. But with technology, we can now bring a seminar to the comforts of your own home. You can even attend this seminar in your pajamas.

Publishing these "live" seminar classes is somewhat of a risk for me, because now the whole world gets to experience my dry humor and sometimes foot-in-the-mouth jokes which don't appear in our Legacy Training Video collection. But since one of my goals is to help others with genealogy and Legacy, I guess it's worth the risk....

The classes

We've published two of the seminar's four classes for you to view.

Legacy Family Tree - an Overview (54 minutes) is intended for those who are new to Legacy but is also a great refresher course for experienced Legacy users. Topics include:

  • importing from another genealogy computer program
  • setting and understanding relationships
  • 1/2 siblings
  • setting your direct line
  • AKAs
  • addresses
  • notes
  • sources
  • pictures
  • To Do List
  • Research Guidance
  • reports

Legacy Family Tree - Tips and Tricks (58 minutes) is intended for those who are experienced Legacy users, but everyone is welcome to view it. Topics include:

  • chronologies
  • effective use of events/facts
  • adding historical events to timelines
  • successfully obtaining information from living relatives
  • creating books
  • using Legacy Charting
  • Descendant and Index View tips
  • using the split screen feature
  • what to do when you have an unproven relative
  • how to add unlinked individuals
  • news/updates
  • family group records

How to Watch

Visit for the links to the videos. Be sure to also print the seminar's handouts.


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Comes as a really big help to me understand things a lot better.

Even though I have been using Legacy since I think version 4, you taught me something new. Thanks Geoff!

I'vfe been using Legacy for over a year, but there were a number of features in this lesson that have caused me to re-visit a number of features. Great work...

Geoff, I would like to view the seminars, but, because of the slow nature of my home internet connection, it is impractical to do.

Is there any way that I can save the video to a file and play it at a later date?

Frank - thanks to your question, you now can! Just go to the seminar page, there's a new link there to download the seminar for offline viewing.

The Tips video was great, I learned several things. However, I don't see where to download the seminar handouts.

Cindy - the link to download the handouts is immediately below the video section of the screen. So go back to the page where you watched the video and click on the handouts link just below.

Hi, I can't get the links for watching to work. Doesn't really matter as I'm downloading the seminars anyway but how can I access the handouts? Are they included in the download package?

Ian in Oz

Re my last post. I got the handouts, turned out that with win7 you have to open the links from a full browser window instead of the legacy 7.4 browser.

Still might be a good idea to package the handouts with the download (if that's not already the case) :)


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