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Legacy Video Tip: Working with Locations

Question from Legacy user:

"Is there an easy way to create a list of everyone linked to a certain location? I know that in Legacy's Master Location List I can highlight a location and see the list of people. For example, if I click on Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I get a list of everyone that ever lived there. But I want a list of everyone who ever lived/died/resided in Suffolk County."

Answer from Legacy:

This is such a great question and one that ALL researchers come across. We need to know who resided in a certain county, or in a certain state/province. To answer your question, below we've "extracted" a portion of the Mastering Legacy: Names, Dates & Places training video. Click on the Play button to watch. The transcript is also beneath the video if you want to read the instructions.

If you do not see the play button below, either 1) click on the yellow "allow" button in your browser above or 2) make sure you have installed Windows Media Player.

Here's the transcript:

The master location list is a powerful research tool. Quite often, you will want to create a report showing all individuals who lived in a certain locality. Once you’re in the master location list, highlight the desired locality, and on the right is the list of everyone who ever lived there. In this example, 14 individuals were found as having Minneapolis, Minnesota as a locality linked to them. Lorenzo Brown, for example, died and was buried in Minneapolis. This list can then be printed by clicking on the List Options button, and you have a custom report.

Now suppose that you want to create a list of all individuals who had resided in Hennepin County, Minnesota. One way to do this is to manually scroll through the long list of localities and select the ones that have Hennepin as the county. This is not very fast, however. It is better to sort this list in reverse order. To do this, click on the sort button.

Typically, the sorted order is city, county, state, and country. In this situation, move the state to the top, then move the county to position number 2, and move the city to the third position. This can be done by either clicking on the move arrows on the left, or just by dragging and dropping the appropriate fields. Now click on OK.

Now all of the Minnesota localities are sorted together, followed by the county, followed by the city. Now each of the localities in which Hennepin is a part can be selected. Then click on the Options button on the right, click on Show List, and a report of all individuals in Hennepin County will be presented.

Preview Mastering Legacy: Names, Dates & Places

The video above is an excerpt from Mastering Legacy: Names, Dates & Places, the second video in our "Learn Legacy" series. To preview the video, or for more information or to purchase the video, please click here.


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Thank you for that information. I have been trying to get the names of everybody who lived in a particular county, to streamline my census searches.

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