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Cast Your Vote - Legacy Genealogy Cruise 2010

Cruiseholland We need your help deciding where to go for our 7th annual Legacy Genealogy Cruise in 2010. In fact, we are going to let you choose our cruise destination for us. We've narrowed it down to the following two locations:

12-Day South America Passage departing from Santiago, Chile. Possible ports of call: Puerto Montt, Chile;  Darwin Channel Chilean Fjords; Amalia Glacier Canal Sarmiento; Strait of Magellan; Punta Arenas, Chile;  Cockburn and Beagle Channels; Ushuaia, Argentina;  Scenic Cruising Cape Horn; Pt. Stanley, Falkland Islands;  Montevideo, Uruguay;  Buenos Aires, Argentina.

14-Day New Zealand & Australia departing from Auckland, New Zealand. Possible ports of call: Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Burnie, Tasmania, Australia; Milford Sound, New Zealand; Fiordland Natl Park Eastbound; Dunedin, New Zealand; Christchurch, New Zealand; Picton, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand; Napier, New Zealand; Tauranga (Rotorua) New Zealand; Auckland, New Zealand

When are we going?
We are planning for October/November 2010 on the Holland America cruise line, which gives us plenty of time to rest up from our 2009 cruise to Greece/Mediterranean.

Cast your vote here!
Click here to send us your choice. We'll tally the results and let you know what you have decided for us! Or maybe you have a better destination in mind. Let us know that too....

Wherever you decide to send us, we'll have the time of our lives because we'll be together with our Legacy users.


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I would love to see a cruise of England, Ireland, and Scotland. If not in 2010, then please consider for 2011.

Of the above two destinations, I would prefer Australia/New Zealand.

Princess Cruises has wonderful 12 day cruise around the British Isles...departing and returning from the port of Southampton, England, calling at ports in
England, Ireland, and Scotland, one port usually Le Havre in France. Excellent cruise, I would go again.

How about one of those paddle-wheel steamers on the Mississippi? Or a river barge trip through France...or England? Why does it always have to be on ocean voyage?

While both of these proposed cruises would be great fun, both would be, unfortunately, far beyond my means...and I suspect far beyond the means of too many. Can't Legacy find more affordable options? As someone suggested, why not a Mississippi River cruise or a cruise around the British Isles? Or an extended stay in Salt Lake City or a cruise from San Diego to Alaska via the Inland Passage?

Please, the airfare for these two are beyond most people's budgets with todays economy. Love the San Diego to Alaska idea and then the British Isles. For alot of people, 7,8, or 9 day cruises are a better choice for the working or semi-retired. You would probably get a better response. Most people are trying to have as little to do with flying long distnaces because of the restrictions the airlines have placed on luggage, etc.

All great thoughts. I'd love to do a paddle-wheel cruise, and especially the England/Ireland/Scotland locations. Yes, the Australia cruise would be quite expensive for those here in North America, but we also have a very large group of Legacy users in Australia/New Zealand. Our previous cruises were probably quite expensive for them. They're quite excited to have one closer to their home.

I agree about the costs of the cruises being out of the reach of many here in Australia, so a cruise to New Zealand sounds great. Not sure if I could afford it even then, but perhaps in 2011. Great way to see New Zealand and spend it with like-minded people. Great way to see and hear how others use the program and the sources they use for their genealogy.

I have done the Australia/New Zealand cruise a number of times and, of the many sea voyages I have done over the years this is one of the best. For those in the US, it is well worth the flight down under.

I would love to go on a cruise to either the British or the Greek Isles, I would especially love to go to the Mediterranean around Israel.
Important point would be what is the cost?
What time of year? What is there to do on board? Since this is by Legacy, will there be any genealogy classes? I haven't been on a ship before, but we are considering going on one.

For us here in Australia it sounds great to have a tour downunder. I am sure the cost would be offset by the friendships made and the amount of new information gained.

I second the opinion that NZ and Aus. airfare is astronomical. The British Isles is a wonderful possibility, as long as Northern Ireland is included. I guess we can put up with a US to Britain air trip as long as British Air or Aer Linge is considered. Just think about the millions of us who originated from Britain. What a great opportunity to do PRONI in Belfast, Irish National Library in Dublin, as well as Scottish ports and sources.

Legacy should consider a week long seminar in one location, but not in SLC where the FHL would be far too much of a temptation to skip sessions. Maybe in a good-sized hotel in mid-America, close to, but not in a major city, to avoid those 'big city' room rates. Topeka, KS, is close to a major airport, has good hotels, and a really nice KS research facility (if one has KS ancestors). The SF Bay Area cities (Oakland or Santa Clara) outside of SF proper, or Bountiful or Ogden, would also work nicely. (Any city with an 'airporter' bus service from the BIG city to the local area, so attendees did not have to rent a car.)

All of the Legacy users I know personally lament they know they are not using the full power of the program, so why not concentrate on really using the fine points of Legacy, discussions on how other people are using the program (publications ready vs. research useful, events vs. notes, etc.), and open discussions of improvements to the program. A second level of classes could focus on the how to's of research - maybe with an emphasis on that special region.

A full week of Legacy would probably boggle my mind, but if it was held in Bountiful, Provo, Ogden or anywhere near SLC - and IF I could afford it then - I could follow this with a week in the SLC FHL. OR, maybe six smaller sessions in the six parts of the USA, northeast, northwest, etc., with emphasis on that region's research facilities (espcially the smaller ones) and tips - maybe a hotel chain (Radisson, Holiday Inn,?) could take it on and coordinate the rooms/meals, etc., with Legacy.

Event planners like exotic locations and long vacations, and I am sure for many this is no problem. A 'cruise' for the rest of us would wonderful, even if it never went to sea. Like many others my budget is limited (retired), and grandson care limits the time I can be away. I will never be able to afford a 12-day cruise in an exotic location like Greece or Ireland, however much I would like to do so.

Grace Schmitt
Sunnyvale, CA.

As to the other suggestions, a cruise on the Mississippi sounds wonderful IF it included tours of the river plantation houses, and Civil War battlefields.

Of the two I had voted for the Chile cruise but price wise I probably wouldn't be able to do that one either. Something less expensive would put me on the ship. I've been waiting for a couple of years now but it looks like I'll be waving from the dock again. :)

well i am living in yorkshire england so any which way there is a long haul flight and cost - but i reckon flights will never be cheaper again - the airlines are laying off and losing money for fun.i am coming (!) and for the 1st time in 15 years my wife has got interested in genealogy !! part of the point is to make a trip of a lifetime and a good few will be saving to make it. keep these good proposals rolling legacy and we will see you there.

PS - i should have added maybe legacy can get some great bulk purchase prices on the air tickets !!

Most seem to agree that the choices presented are very economically limiting. May I suggesst a cruise to the Mexican Riviera (7-Day) from Los Angeles. It is very affordable on most cruise lines. Another idea might be a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands (7-Day) out of Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Linda - we don't yet have the prices, it will likely be October/November 2010. Yes, there will be many genealogy/Legacy classes on board.

I'd second the comments on price. Also, some of us are travelling in wheelchairs and air travel with a power chair is a real challenge!!! How about making use of the wonderful facilities post-olympics in Vancouver BC? We've a very active Genealogical society and lots of wonderful scenery. Swmming in the AM and skiing in the PM are quite practical in spring!

My wife and I, like many others would love to do a major cruise but doubt we could afford it at this time. With both of us being semi-retired, the dollars don't come as frequently as they once did. I am aware that there are folks who can afford these cruises so I would offer a suggestion.

I have been using Legacy for several years and know I am no where near using its' full potential. Since we have no active User Groups remotely close to me, I love the idea of Legacy offering a week long seminar to bring out the finer points and the full power of the software. An annual cruise could still be offered and Legacy could conduct a seminar in each of the four major sections of the US (i.e., Midwest, Southeast, etc). The training sessions could be structured in such a way that part of the day was for instruction/research and the other part was free for sightseeing, shopping, etc. A group dinner could be held every other evening which would leave free time for small groups of attendees to have dinner together or just couples to spend alone.

Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity for input.

I would love to go a cruise to the British Isles since that is where most of my ancestry is from. I have always wanted to do the Alaska cruise as well. If it wasn't so expensive to go to Australia I would love that as well. The flight there is very long from the east coast so time would be a factor for me since I still work full time.

We like the England, Ireland, & Scotland suggestion. Also, a Caribbean or the Australia/New Zealand would all be great. What are we looking at for a price? We are new at this, sorry for any duplications!

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