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Genealogy-itis and family trees

I think I have genealogy-itis.

While hiking in Oregon's Columbia River gorge yesterday (day 2 of the family reunion), I could not take my eyes off the forest's tall trees. Although I was impressed with their height and beauty, all I could think of was how great they would look as a background of a wall chart.

The hike was beautiful, and the wall chart turned out pretty good. Using Legacy's charting program, I created an Ancestor Chart (upward style) and used the "Mug Shot" theme (Appearance tab > themes). Using the Sizing button (Appearance tab) I also adjusted the box size and spacing. Finally, using the Background button (also on the Appearance tab) I added my favorite tree picture from the hike and adjusted its transparency to 25%.


Tomorrow we're going to the beach - my favorite place on earth. Well, cemeteries are pretty fun too. Is there a cure for genealogy-itis? I hope not....


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Oh, you've got it bad! I'm sorry to say but there is no known cure, not even death. In the event of death, one of your relatives will catch your addiction... it's that contagious! LOL!

This has inspired me! I just recently went to Brazil.......Indiana, Clay County, to our Scharf family reunion. I took a wonderful photo of the last, of the first cousin, in the family, there are 6 of them. We took a group photo of everyone in attendance, also. But the 1st cousins range in age from 80 something to 104! Our "Grand Dame", looks better then some of the younger ones! I'm planning on using that photo and attaching it to the decendant chart of their family.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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