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Bring your Legacy family file with you on a USB drive, cell phone, or PalmOS device

Usb If you have a USB drive, Windows CE-powered cell phone, or a palm device, you can take your Legacy family file on the road.

So whether you're doing research in a library, a cemetery, or the subway, you can bring your genealogy with you. Here's how....

USB drive

Using Legacy's free add-on, GENViewer Lite, you can view your entire Legacy family file on any Windows computer that has a USB port. You'll first need to download/install GENViewer Lite, then copy your family file's GEDCOM to the USB drive. Follow these easy steps....

  1. Download and install GENViewer Lite. Click here to start the download.
  2. After you have installed GENViewer Lite, insert your USB drive into your computer and copy the gvlite.exe file from the c:\Program Files\MudCreek\GVLite directory to your USB drive.
  3. Create a GEDCOM (File > Export to > GEDCOM) of your family file and then copy the file to your USB drive.

You can now insert your USB drive into any Windows computer's USB port and view your family file (by running the gvlite.exe file). GENViewer Lite lets you view the Individual and Family Views. The full GENViewer program (free for 15 days) lets you also see the following tabs: Pedigree, Descendants, List, Highlighted, Islands, Sources, Internet. If you already purchased GENViewer, just copy the GenviewerLegacy.exe file to your USB drive.

USB drive using MojoPac

Lots of Legacy users have had success running Legacy from a USB drive after installing MojoPac. I haven't personally experimented with it but it sounds quite promising. This has been discussed in our Legacy User Group mailing list. To learn more, you can search its archives by clicking here. Learn more about MojoPac by clicking here.

PGA-2T Windows Mobile based devices

I carry my cell phone with me nearly everywhere. Everywhere my cell phone goes, my Legacy family file goes too! I've installed the Legacy add-on, Pocket Genealogist, which directly imports and synchronizes my Legacy family file. In fact, Pocket Genealogist is the award winning leader in Genealogy software (PC Magazine winner 5 years in a row) for Windows Mobile based devices. This includes the PocketPC, PocketPC Phone Edition, Smartphones, Handheld PC/Pro and Handheld PC 2000.

Pocket Genealogist on your mobile device is more than just a viewing program. You can actually add the names/dates/places you find directly into the program. When you come home, it will synchronize with your Legacy family file on your computer, adding all the new information right where it's supposed to go.

For more information, or to purchase Pocket Genealogist, click here.

PalmOS handheld PDA or smartphones

Gedstarpro GedStar Pro is the premier product for viewing your Legacy family file on your PalmOS handheld PDA or smartphone. It is optimized for the latest devices with color screens, fast processors, and increased storage space.

GedStar Pro will directly import data from your Legacy family file. In this way it can take advantage of most of your genealogy program's features to store and display virtually all of your important data. All events — primary and alternate, standard and custom — can be converted, along with their source citations, sureties, notes, and repositories. It will even include your research task to-do list.

The new GedStar Pro V3.0 has powerful a name-search feature with Soundex support, several new lists of resources, a data export function, and even an "On-This-Day" feature that shows events that occurred on a particular day of the year.

For more information, or to purchase GedStar Pro, click here.


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I love GedStar and have had some recent communication with the creator. I encourage you to check in with him about his future plans for the software.

Do you have something that will run on a Blackberry?

How about the android (G1, G1)? We have about everything else available on it - price checking from bar code, scriptures, on and on. I am going to a reunion and would like to have it on my G1.

Sheldon - unfortunately not at this time.

Daniel - not that I know of....

Still looking for something that will work with my new iPhone. Suggestions?

Do you have anything that works on iPod Touch?

I just download my legacy file to a gedcom, then download the gedcom file to my usb drive, seems to work just fine?

Is it true that GedStar Pro development has stopped and will not be made for the Palm Pre?

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, tried to install MojoPac on a USB stick several times & never would install properly. No tech support for it either :-(

Gedview works quite well for the IPOD touch!

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