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Happy 4th Blogiversary to our Legacy News blog

4bday I still love birthdays. When I was little my mom hung streamers, balloons, and a big Happy Birthday sign on the wall. Today, my wife continues the tradition, minus the streamers and balloons. I still get the big sign. And I still look forward to it. Maybe I'm just trying to hold on to my youth. (I did find my first grey hair this year though....)

Today marks the birthday/anniversary of a different kind. It's now been four years since our first Legacy News blog article was published. This is blog post number 731. I had high hopes of writing every single day. Turns out that I've only written every other day . . . for four years. I seriously thought that after finishing my four-year degree in Genealogy that my laborious writing days were finally over. Writing is no longer laborious, I actually look forward to contributing to this blog. I'm certainly no expert in writing, but I do try to help our Legacy Family Tree users stay updated with genealogical news and every once in a while, I try to throw in a good tip or two.

Four-and-a-half years ago, I had no idea what a blog was. I remember talking with Leland Meitzler at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. He hinted that he had an exciting new idea. His idea turned into the first well-known (maybe the first ever?) blog dedicated to genealogy - Today, according to Chris Dunham's Genealogy Blog Finder, there are over 1,400 blogs dedicated to our "addiction". Over 250,000 of you subscribe to this blog. (To subscribe, enter your email in the Subscribe Me! section in the upper right of this web page.) This year, Legacy News even made the first-ever "25 most popular genealogy blogs" list.

Our first blog article, published on August 25, 2005, was entitled "WorldCat Reaches 1 Billion Holdings". It taught how to search this wonderful database, but it could only be accessed via subscription. Today WorldCat is freely searchable either online at or on your mobile phone at My how times have changed - in only four years.

I've also announced the births of my last two children in Legacy News. Braden in 2005 and Kaitlyn in 2009. Thanks for putting up with these "personal editorials".

Below are many of the most-read and fun Legacy News articles. Are there others that you have enjoyed? (Have a suggestion for an article? With Legacy running, just click on the "Submit News" link in the Legacy News section of the Legacy Home tab.)

Topten Thanks to all of our readers for all of your comments. Interacting with you has been fun and educational, and has helped make our software, Legacy Family Tree, the number-one rated genealogy software in the market.


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I'm a proud Legacy user and delighted to wish the blog a Happy 4 year anniversary. Keep up the great work!

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