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Legacy Charting tip: How to hide those "first marriages"

Question from Wayne:

"I am preparing some charts to take to an upcoming family reunion. There are some family members who had a first marriage that ended in divorce with no children. They had children with their second marriage. Is there a way to keep the first marriage from printing in the Legacy Charts?"

Our answer:

Great question Wayne! This is actually quite simple if you know about Legacy's Privacy settings. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. In Legacy, navigate to and open the Individual's Information screen for the person you want to hide. In your case, this would be the first spouse.
  2. Next, in the lower right of this screen, click on the Privacy Settings button and mark this person as "Private". Click Save, then Save.
  3. Do steps 1 & 2 for each person you want to hide in the chart.
  4. Launch Legacy Charting by clicking on the Charting button in the main toolbar.
  5. After selecting the desired chart type, click on the Privacy Options button on the Home tab. Select the first option to "Suppress private individuals".

All "private" persons will no longer appear in the chart. If there are children from this first marriage, they will still appear.

Asa Clark Brown with both of his wives in a descendancy chart:


Asa Clark Brown with his first wife marked as private in a descendancy chart:



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Thanks for posting the tip. Legacy is a wonderful porgram and I knew they must be a way, but didn't know how to do it. Like they say, everthing is simple....once you know how.

I have a niece who had a baby she gave up for adoption, but is still listed in Legacy with an "unknown" father. Recently, she married and the baby shows up as the husband's child. Is there a way to show the baby, linked to her only and not the husband and not have it look tacky in reports?

In Legacy charting, how can I get the Legacy number ID to print along side the name. It's easy in Legacy deluxe but I can't find the right buttons in Charting.
regards Terry

Terry - go to Appearance tab > Box Items and click on the Name label in the Items to Display list. In the Item Options section, make sure there is a checkmark next to "Include reference number".

Thanks Geoff, problem solved. much appreciated

I have the same problem as Johnny V. Did you ever answer his question?

Johnny V,

If you don't want to mark the adopted child as "Private" then the next best thing is to unlink the child from her mother and her mother's husband. In Family View put the adopted child in the Child List under her mother and "father" then right-click on her and select Unlink from Parents.

Next put the unlinked child in the Female/Wife box in Family View and then click in the lower half of the Parents box above her to add a mother. Then select Link to an EXISTING person and add her mother from the Name List.

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