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Legacy Cruise - Athens and Ephesus

These past two days have been the best yet. In Athens we visited the birthplace and stadium of the modern Olympics, and then made our way to the Acropolis. Here, not only did we view some of the world’s most famous buildings, but we also had a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Afterwards we drove the coastline until we reached an old temple which stood atop the hills overlooking the sea. Listening to the waves crash below, this was one of the most peaceful places I’ve visited.

Yesterday in Ephesus, Turkey, became my new favorite part of our trip. Paul, the biblical apostle, walked the streets of this ancient village and preached at the great amphitheatre. There he was persecuted because his teachings threatened the local merchants’ businesses where they sold pagan statues. The buildings of the city were wonderful to see, but knowing that I walked where Paul walked and taught made Ephesus my favorite. Oh, I also liked the ancient public toilets.

Today we will visit Istanbul, Turkey – one of the world’s largest cities. Tomorrow we leave for the airport at 3:30am to begin a 26 hour day. It will be sad to leave such a wonderful part of the world, but there’s no place like home.

Here’s some pictures.

Athens' Acropolis:

2009 09 14_0449 

My daughter enjoying our travels:

2009 09 14_0504 

The ancient public toilets in Ephesus:

2009 09 15_0427 

The theatre in Ephesus where Paul taught:

2009 09 15_0436 

Here's some pictures of the ship.

This is the hallway to our staterooms:

2009 09 08_0094 

This is the ship's driving range. I don't have a clue how to golf, but just knowing that I can was fun.

2009 09 08_0101 

You can even play chess:

2009 09 08_0106 

or basketball:

2009 09 08_0105 

Each night when we returned to our staterooms, our room stewards made us towel animals:

2009 09 08_0122


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I was in Ephesus about 15 years ago, and it certainly was unbelievable. Did your guide do the whispering/water trick in the amphitheatre? When I was there, our guide put us sitting up high in the seats, then he stood in the centre of the theatre and poured out a bottle of water, which we could all hear clearly, no matter where we sat.

I was also very impressed with the library building, and the public toilets!

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