Legacy is FamilySearch Certified
Bon Voyage - Legacy Genealogy Cruise begins

Update on Legacy's FamilySearch Certification

Have you ever been so excited about something that you just had to tell the world? When my wife and I learned that we were expecting our first baby girl, we decided we weren't going to tell anyone - family included - about it until the baby was born. Well, that secret lasted for less than one day.

In our excitement about announcing our new FamilySearch integration tools and receiving official certification status from FamilySearch, we were reminded by Gordon Clarke, FamilySearch Software Affiliate Manager, that to be "officially certified" we have to have the product shipping.

So...we have finished the software requirements for the Access certification and are now working to complete the remaining requirements for Access, Update and Sync certifications. When these are completed we will release version 7.5 of Legacy.

After we return from our 6th annual Legacy Genealogy Cruise (we leave in two days...) we will publish suggestions about how to best prepare for working with the updated software (merging, cleaning up and standardizing your data). I look forward to working with it as a means of having a synchronized backup copy of my Legacy family file online. We will be able to selectively publish our trees as well as view and compare others' information - all without leaving Legacy.

Speaking of announcements, my wife and I are expecting again.... No, not really. I just wonder what she would say if she read this article....


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Well, you didn't say WHAT you were expecting, so that window is still open.



I wish the development team has a good time to complete with the usual quality all the requirements to obtain the complete certification.

So glad to know you have received FamilySearch certification. We have been advised by our regional Family History Center directors to teach people another program to replace PAF because of the FamilySearch integration capability, but I so much prefer Legacy for my research and recording my notes. I look forward to using it with FamilySearch. So much better than transferring GEDCOMs back and forth.

I know what my wife would say.......

I'm very excited about the news. I'd love to help in whatever way I can!

Although I'd love to be on the cruise with everybody, well wish and bon voyage! Have a great time!

You are SO funny! And I am green with envy that you get to go on the cruise!

I'm excited!! I'm finally getting back into my Family History after many years of dust gathering!! It's going to be great to use Legacy and the NEW Family Search tools too. YAHOO!!!

Great to hear we are closer. However, if I am a current 7 (Deluxe) Owner.....What does the new 7.5 include and what cost?

Whereas New Family Search Gedcom does not allow download to your pc.....my understanding is you have to integrate data back and forth between the new Family Search System....you need the Certification, the Syncronization, as well as Two Way Data Transfer cababilities.

Question...will Legacy 7.5 also include Two Way Data Transfer options?

Question: What is the diff between Sync and Two Way Data Transfer?

Thank You

What is the timeline for releasing 7.5?

Pat - the timeline is still "before the end of the year". Wish I knew or could say more....

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