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Legacy tip: how to print multiple Family Group Records at the same time

Question from Christine:

I'm trying to print several family group sheets for a family member who wants to put them in a notebook (she doesn't use a computer).

I have Legacy 7. Is there a way to print several at a time, rather than going in, opening each family and printing them one at a time?

I know there must be an easier way!

Our answer:

Recordselect Great question Christine. The answer lies in the Record Selection button, found in the lower left of the Family Group Record report screen.

After clicking on the Record Selection button, you have six options of how to print multiple family group records:

1) Only the current family or individual. This is selected by default.

2) Focus Group records. This is the easiest to work with. Just select it and click on the Edit button. Here you can choose to:

  • Add an individual
  • Add a family
  • Add the current search results
  • Add an Individual and Ancestors
  • Add an Individual and Descendants
  • Add an Individual and Entire Family Line

Or you can use a combination of any of these choices so you can print whatever you want.

3) All individuals in the entire family file (with spouses)

4) All Marriages in the entire family file (sorted by MRIN)

5) Individuals by tag value

6) Marriages by tag value

Or Christine, you could convince your family member to use a computer for their genealogy so all you'd have to do is send them a backup of your Legacy family file! :) Anyways, hope this helps.


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Does this actually print out a family group sheet for each generation of ancestors? I don't want a long running report, just generation by generation family group sheets. I like to organize each set of family group sheets behind a numbered tab for the generation, ie 1 is self. is parents of the couple, 3 is grandparents of the couple, etc.

I also like the way the family group sheets look.

If these sheets are to be used by someone without a computer, I sugest you also enable the printing of RIN or MRIN in the titles. This helps the user refer to the right John Smith.
Also, consider printing an index (how to has appeared on here somewhere before).

This solution to print several family group sheets at one printing couldn't have come at a better time for me; especially since one of the trees I'm working on at present is growning by leaps and bounds. Thanks Christine for your question and Legacy for you very helpful answer.

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