Update on Legacy 7.5's release (new FamilySearch tools) and a sneak peek
New records online for Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Argentina, England, Mexico, and Ghana

New book in our online store: Crash Course in Family History

CCB-2T Crash Course in Family History is the number one, best-selling "how-to" family history book in bookstores. And finally - we're now selling it in our online store for the introductory price of $29.95 (save $5 for a limited time).

For beginning genealogists, this book contains simple, step-by-step directions on where to begin, how to easily search for your ancestors using today's technology, and how to connect with the lives of your ancestors in 3-Easy-Steps.

For experienced genealogists, the book has plenty to offer - learn about the latest technology, the newest tools and tips, and the Best-of-the-Internet web sites.

Extensively used as a family history teaching and training manual, the expanded updated third edition is now 240 pages with full-color, rich-illustrations on every page. Its large format (9 1/2" x 11 1/4") and special binding allows pages to open flat.

Here's the detailed Table of Contents:

Introduction (Where do I Start?)
- Why Family History?
- Connecting the Generations
- Turn Your Heart to Your Fathers
- Loving Your Ancestors
- Importance of the Internet
- Family History is Booming
- Use Wisdom and Order
- Getting Started
- Do Your Ancestors Want to Be Found?
- Help From the Other Side: Inspirational Stories
- Quotations About Help From Our Ancestors
- 10 Things You Can Do Today to Get Started
  Free Beginners Tutorials and Lessons Available
  Free eNewsletters Online
  Genealogy Magazines
  Blogs: Interactive Web Sites
  What is a PodCast?
- Books, Forms, Supplies, Marketplace

STEP 1 - Identify Your Ancestors Using Your Family
- Write Everything You Know About Your Ancestors
  Forms and Computers Make It Easier
  Free Genealogy Charts and Forms
  Why Keep a Research Log?
- Look for More Information at Home
- Choose a Family or Ancestor You Want to Learn More About
- Ask Relatives for Information
- Documenting Your Information
  Organize & Document as You Go
  Evaluate the Evidence
- What is a GedCom?
- 20 Tips to Help Keep You on the Right Track

STEP 2 - Add New Branches to Your Family Tree
- First, See if Someone Has Already Found Info on Your Ancestors
  Search Existing Family Tree Web Sites
  Search for Published Family Histories
    How to Use the Family History Library Catalog Online
    What is a Family History Center?
    Other Resources
- Search Other Records For Missing Info
  "Search Engines"
  Using Free Research Guidance, Research Outlines, and Research Guides
  Census Records: A Snapshot of History
    Census Web Sites
    Census Comparison Charts
  Immigration Records
  Military Records
  Libraries and Archives
  African American Roots
  Hispanic / Latino Americans
  Native Americans
  Asian Web Sites
  Other Ethnic Resources
- Additional Ways to Do Research Online
  Social Networking Web Sites
  Mailing Lists
  Surnames and Family Associations Queries
  Help Lists

STEP 3 - Connect with the Lives and Stories of Your Ancestors
- Benefits of Connecting with Ancestors
- Appreciating Your Heritage
- Honoring Your Ancestors
- How Would You Like to be Honored?
- Timelines and History
- Photographs, Videos and Scrapbooking
- Newspapers and Periodicals
- Maps & Geographical Information
- Court and Land Records
- Tracing Your Medical Heritage
- Royalty and Nobility
- Heraldry and Arms

A Directory of Software and Tools
- Which Software is the Best?
- Popular PC Software Programs
- Web-Based Software
- Mac Software
- Handheld Software
- Software Tools and Utilities

Best of the Internet
- Top 10 Web Sites to Search
  "New FamilySearch" Preview
- Existing Family Tree Web Sites
- Web Directories/Portals
- Other Valuable Databases
- Tools to Make It Easier
- Published Family Histories
- Libraries and Archives
- Vital Records
- Surname Searches
- Census Records
- Immigration Records
- Military Records
- Cemeteries, Graves, Obituaries
- Historical Data
- Maps & Geographical Information
- Court, Estate and Probate Records
- Ethnic Resources
- Newspapers and Periodicals
- Photographs

The Best LDS Web Sites
- Why are Latter-day Saints Interested in Family History and How Does that Benefit All of Us?
  Who are the Mormons?
  Unique Beliefs Drive Search
  Controversy About A Mormon Belief
- Online Web Site Directories
- Where Do I Start?
- Adding New Branches to Your Family
- Specific Utah Resources
- Finding Your Family Stories, and Photos

Organizing Your Information
- Computers Save Lots of Time
- Getting Started
- Organize Folders by Surname
- Color Code Your Files
- Filing Your Documents
- Using 3-Ring Binders
- Organizing Your Letters
- Archiving Your Family Photos & Documents
- Keeping Up with Technology
  Handheld Computers and Software
- Organizing Your Personal Library
- Do What Works For You

Leaving an Enduring Legacy
- One Hundred Years From Now
- Hidden Benefits of Keeping a History
- Resources for Writing Your History
  Helpful Computer Software
  Specific Web Sites
  Books to Consider
  Web Articles
- Gathering Your Family Stories: Oral Interviews
  Conducting an Oral Interview
  Interview Questions

Other Rewarding Opportunities
- Sharing Your Family History
- Publishing on the Web
- Creating Your Own Family Web Site
- Creating a Family Blog
- Creating an Online Photo Album
- Organizing Your Family
  Family Association Goals
- Holding a Family Reunion

 for just $29.95 for a limited time.


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