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How my Windows 7 installation went

Windows 7 - available Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've cleared my schedule for the rest of the week. Because I'm upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP, maybe I should clear next week's schedule too....

I admit, I'm really excited for the new operating system to be released tomorrow. From everything I've read and heard, it's going to be a great upgrade. In case you're wondering, Legacy Family Tree 7.0 runs just fine in Windows 7.

Two of genealogy's "techies" recently wrote about their experiences with Windows 7 and provided good suggestions about preparing for the upgrade.

Dick Eastman, in his article, "Windows 7: Read Before Upgrading" stated that XP users will have a rocky transition, and I agree. If you have Windows XP (like I do), to install Windows 7 requires that your computer's hard drive be completely reformatted. That's right. This means that you will need to reinstall all of your programs and restore all of your data files after installing the new operating system. I mentioned previously that I don't really mind doing this every once in a while - it gives my computer a fresh start. Dick's article gives good advice about how to best prepare for the upgrade, including making an inventory of the software you will want to reinstall after the upgrade. Read the complete article here.

Marlo Schult, in his article "Windows 7 - The Mystery Unveiled: A Simple Non-Technical Evaluation" wrote about his experiences in installing the evaluation version of Windows 7. To his surprise, it was quicker and less painful than he anticipated. He was happy to report that his software, Heritage Collector Suite, a Legacy add-on program, worked well. Even his old scanner worked. He also wrote about some of his favorite new features. Read the complete article here.

Where will I be tomorrow? I won't be in one of those midnight lines camping out in front of the store. I'll wake up as normal, help get the kids off to school. But as soon as they're gone, I'm headed to the nearest software store. Most people will probably wait a couple of months until any major problems with Windows 7 are resolved. I'll let you know how it goes here.

What will you be doing tomorrow?


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I'll be ignoring W7 until it's time to buy a new computer - XP ain't broke.

How is it upgrading using Vista? Will I need to reformat my hard drives on my computers?

Likewise. XP is working fine for me. Maybe in 2014.

Deborah - no, you should be just fine with Vista without reformatting any drives.

I purchased a netbook on which I was told it was XP. It wasn't! It was Vista and locks up on me every single day. I would like to know if upgrading to Windows 7 will fix the problem and whether or not this is something I should attemp myself or have someone do for me.

Thank you.

My Motto is if it works leave it! Two computers XP and Vista.
Am waiting a while to see what "bugs" develop in the new system though have been told that it loads Vista far more quickly now if that is so that will be a real bonus.
Any thoughts on that?

No one trust microsoft after the vista snafu, But windows 7 shuod be better so Mirosoft can save face.

I upgraded from Vista to 7 and had no problems whatsoever. I did a clean install (something I have never done) and all went well. Loaded all my software and everything is working fine. I received my copy on 10/22 and took 10/23 off work to do the load. By lunch I was done and working. I like it much better than windows.

I have a new computer that has windows 7 and I moved all my data from my vista with a ubs cable that connects from vista to win 7 all went perfect all my files moved over in less that 5 minutes I still use my vista with no problems,, I can also sent data from my win7 to vista by cable.. no problem also use a wireless printer so that my wife and I can print to the 1 printer... no use in having 2 printers...also can print ANYTHING to printer fron net from files from cards. copy and sent to computer

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