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How to create a 2010 birthday / anniversary calendar using Legacy Family Tree

With the new year approaching, why not resolve to be a better relative by remembering family birthdays and anniversaries? Two features of Legacy Family Tree makes this easy to do:

  • Legacy's birthday and anniversary reminders described here.
  • Legacy's Calendar Creator.

Legacy can create a birthday calendar, an anniversary calendar, or a combination of the two. There are options to include a cover picture, picture pages above each calendar month, and complete control over color, layout, shadows, fonts, page size, and more. The calendars can be blank or include the birthdates and anniversaries of the people already entered in your family file.

That's right! Because the information (birthdays and anniversaries) is already in your Legacy family file, Legacy will automatically add this to the calendar pages. With the who to include options, you can customize the calendar so only certain family lines are included. You even have the option to skip the anniversaries of divorced couples.

Get Started

To begin, make sure that you have installed Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition available here. Then follow these steps:

  1. With Legacy open, click on the Reports icon in the main toolbar.
  2. Click on the Books/Other tab, and click on the Calendar Creator button.
  3. Using the options on the six tabs, customize the calendar to your preferences.
  4. Print, and enjoy being the person in your family that never misses a birthday or anniversary!

Click on the picture below for an example:



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Is there a way to have a calendar of Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries as a list for each month.?

Raj - yes, this can be done with the Calendar List Report found on the Books/Other tab of the reports.

How do I specify what records to place into the birthday/anniversary calendar? When I start calendar creator it includes everyone in my family tree file.

Jerry - you do this on the Include tab of the Calendar Creator. Here you can specify:

- Only living individuals
- AND tagged dead individuals
- All individuals, living and dead
- Only dead individuals
- Only tagged living individuals
- all tagged individuals, living and dead
- only tagged dead individuals
- individuals from various address lists (newsleter, birthday, etc.)

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