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Happy Today started out with another Genealogy Happy Dance. I found the maiden name of a female ancestor who was born in England, and who probably died in Minnesota.

I wondered if I knew when she immigrated and so I checked out her Chronology View (see image below) to see if I had found this yet. Nope.


Then I remembered that the 1900 U.S. census lists the immigration year. The 1900 census was listed in her Chronology View, with 1858 as her year of immigration. She would have been about eight years old. But her 1858 immigration was not listed as an event in her timeline. Knowing the rule of timelines, whenever I have a date/place for an event in a person's life, I need to add a custom event for that person. This event will then show up in their timeline.

So, creating a custom event is pretty easy. From the Individual's Information screen, click on the Add button and fill in the information (see image below).


Once the event has been added, I need to add its source (where I found the information about the immigration event). The source is the 1900 census. I could 1) re-enter the master source and its detail, or 2) since I've already typed this source when documenting her birth date which I found from the 1900 census, I could use the "copy source to clipboard" button and paste the source to the new immigration event.

Here's how.

On the Assigned Sources screen, click on the citation that you want to use, then click on the small "copy source to clipboard" button found in the lower left (see image below).

Now that the complete citation (master source and the detail) is on the Source Clipboard, I can now click on the Immigration event on this same screen, and click on the "Add clipboard source to the current event" button (see image below).


The immigration event now has the 1900 census citation attached to it, and I did not have to retype the citation.

Now that I've created her immigration event, it will show up in her updated Chronology View.

Working from the Chronology View, it's easy to visualize when she immigrated and where she lived throughout her life. As researchers, we must know when and where a person lived so we know where to look for potential records. This is what makes the Chronology View so important.

You can learn more about using the Source Clipboard and the Chronology View in our training videos -




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I already use this function on a fairly regular basis. There was a time when Legacy had sevral sources available on one clipbboard. Is there a possibility of bringing this feature back so that more than one source can be allocated to a particular event ?

I had this same happy experience only a few days ago. I only had details of my paternal GG Grandparents convict transportation from Ireland to Tasmania. However many other ancestors came to Australia from England & though I had evidence of them in England & in Australia I had no migration details. I came across my Mothers Great Grandparents on a ships passenger list from the 1800's. What an awesome feeling to finally find something.
I learnt about the source clipboard from your beginners online training videos & I use it all the time. Fantastic feature.

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