A Year in Review - Legacy Family Tree in 2009
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Happy New Year and version 7.5 update

From all of us at Legacy Family Tree, we'd like to wish everyone a happy new year.

We'll take a few hours off tonight to celebrate, and then get back to finishing version 7.5 (new FamilySearch interface tools). We're actually very close to being able to release our FamilySearch interface to all of you, and are finishing up some last minute programming issues. If only 2009 were two or three weeks longer, we might be on time with this. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

We hope you enjoy the new start that a new year brings - and may everyone have many Genealogy Happy Dances in 2010!


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Will version 7.5 (deluxe) be available as a free upgrade for current licensed users of version 7 (deluxe)?

Dave - Yes, it will be a free update. It will also be included in the free, standard edition of Legacy.

I have read your articles on standardizing and cleaning up data in preparation for 7.5. Is this cleanup required before installing 7.5 or can I wait until after installing 7.5 to do the data cleanup?

Gary - although the data cleanup is not required at all, it will of course help. It can be done at any time.

I see that you are certified with the New Family Search for version 7.4. I am assuming that there is going to be version 7.4 and then 7.5 will be out month or so later. Which, if any of these versions will require and upgrade fee and how much will it be? I will be teaching a class in a couple of weeks about the features of Legacy and a couple of other mainstream genealogy programs, comparing their abilities and features. I am concerned that by suggesting to purchase now and then having to pay an additional upgrade fee in a couple of months to get all the syncing capabilities with the new family search. The class members are excited to get going now. Should I tell them to delay any purchase of Legacy?

Hi Gregg - good questions. The 7.4 update will be a free update to Legacy 7.0. So there really is not a reason to delay the purchase. The latest information is published on our FamilySearch page at www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/fs.asp

Hello Chapman et al,
thanks for explaining Legacy to me.
I have lived longer than nearly all of my ancestors, and about half of my peers.
Now I am preparing for the next 32 years by keeping alive my recent history of 73 years and before.
I stay alive by adding to my old body mind and soul new adventures, and building on old memories, information, data, and observations.
I prove everything that I create by teaching it to others. This pays my eternal student loans and fees.
Jim of the Universe, locally, god of Humor, Ñuñoa.

I have the deluxe version of Legacy 6.0 I am just getting back to family tree now that I am retired. Can I download 7.4 for free and then what happens when 7.5 comes along shortly. Thanks G Muir

Gail - Legacy 7.0 standard edition can be downloaded for free. Legacy 7.4 standard and deluxe will be available soon. Legacy 7.5 standard and deluxe will be a free update. See www.legacyfamilytree.com/fs.asp for the latest on the 7.4 release.

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