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Legacy Family Tree user group mailing list - it's back

Email 48 Our Legacy User Group (LUG) mailing list is one of the resources we've made available for Legacy users to share ideas or ask questions. Have a problem or a suggestion and want the feedback of other Legacy users? You can subscribe to this mailing list and ask your question. Everyone else who is subscribed to the list will receive your question and have the opportunity to share their ideas. Once your question is answered, you may also unsubscribe. Best of all, subscribing to the mailing list is free.

A few weeks ago, due to unforeseen technical problems, our mailing list stopped working. We just wanted to let you know that all is well again, and the mailing list is back online. However, if you subscribed within the past few months, and you are not now receiving messages from the list, you will need to resubscribe at

If you need a mailing list for a different genealogy topic, place, or surname, the largest collection of genealogical mailing lists is at Rootsweb. As of today, they have 31,708 different mailing lists related to genealogy. Browse the lists at


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That's great! Do you have any idea when the LUG archives will be updated again?


Here is the link to the archives of the mailing list since it came back online:[email protected]/

This is the link to the archives before then:[email protected]/

I'll ask the web team to add both links to

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