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Legacy Training CDs - 20% off - sale ends January 15


** Special Offer: receive 20% off for a limited time. See below for details.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I would have known that when I first started!"

I recently discovered a "new" button in my photo editing software. The button had been there for years, and had I known about it in the beginning, I would have saved hundreds of hours over the years. My tasks would have been so much easier.

The same concept holds true for Legacy Family Tree. While the software is quite intuitive, it is robust enough to meet the needs of all genealogists.

The Legacy Training Videos on CD teach you how to "do it right the first time." After viewing the CDs, you will be able to spend more time researching and less time learning how to use Legacy. The videos, which you watch on your computer screen, are presented by professional genealogist, dynamic speaker, and Legacy expert, Geoff Rasmussen. You will benefit from his years of research experience - not only will you learn how to use Legacy, but you will learn how to most effectively use it.

Free Previews
To view free previews of all the videos, please click on the links below:

Volume 1 Previews

  • Legacy for Beginners (44 minutes)
  • Mastering Legacy: Names, Dates & Places (44 minutes)
  • Your 12-Step Checklist to Using Legacy (48 minutes)
  • Legacy's Ultimate Guide to Sources (40 minutes)
  • Researching with Legacy: Mastering Events and Chronologies (45 minutes)

Volume 2 Previews

  • Legacy's Tagging and Searching Made Easy (34 minutes)
  • Creating & Sharing Perfect Reports (58 minutes)
  • Insider's Guide to Legacy: Tips & Tricks (40 minutes)
  • Picturing your Legacy: a Video Guide to Working with Digital Pictures in Legacy (52 minutes)

** Until January 15, save up to 20%. See below for details.

Customer Reviews

  • "Today I started on the training videos - and wish I had done them right away when I first put Legacy on my computer. I just finished the first of the four videos: "12 Step Checklist to Using Legacy Family Tree". Those 12 steps answered a lot of questions that I have seen brought up in the User Group. I am so glad I purchased them. Just wish I had used them to begin with." - Peggy
  • "I am an experienced genealogist (15 yrs) and run my own research business. I thought that I would be able to figure out everything the program offers just by playing with it. After having a bunch of unanswered questions I went ahead and ordered the training videos thinking all the while I was wasting my money. WRONG! I learned so much in the training videos. I think they should be mandatory. :) I was not using the program to its full potential and now I am having so much more fun with it." - Michele
  • "I just started with Legacy 2 weeks ago, imported 3,000+ individuals. The videos arrived yesterday and they are a great help to get as much out of Legacy as possible from the beginning. It is easy to hear that you talk from experience and is not just a seller. The videos are really worth the money - glad I bought em all." - Hanne
  • "I recently purchased a set of the Legacy training videos and upgraded to Legacy 6. If anyone is wondering about them, let me tell you that they are definitely worth it! I thought I had pretty much figured out many of the features, but, boy, there was lots to learn. I am now back to entering information that I have gathered for quite awhile and it is fun where it used to be a chore!" - Nancy
  • "I bought the training video package when I bought Legacy 6, and I think they are fantastic. They are well worth the cost. As a new Legacy user, I find them invaluable." - Karen
  • "I thought you might be interested that I even learned something. I had used the simple workings in the past, not knowing the more powerful ramifications. All I can say, is, absolutely well done." - Mark
  • "May I say how much I like your training videos. Unlike some training videos they are neither hard to understand nor patronizing." - Steve
  • "Because of my background as a certified and professional family researcher, the topics most helpful to me were those on adding and editing sources. The videos explained it thoroughly." - Brenda
  • "It is so much better to see the records and sources on the screen while someone is explaining it." - Mary Ann

Save 20% until January 15, 2010.

Your private coupon code is located within the Legacy News section of the Legacy Home tab inside your Legacy software:

  1. Open Legacy 7.
  2. Click on the Legacy Home tab.
  3. Look in the Legacy News section for your private coupon code.
  • Deluxe Edition users of Legacy Family Tree received 20% off.
  • Standard Edition users received 10% off. To upgrade to Legacy Deluxe, click here.



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