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Use Legacy to Create a Puppy Pedigree

Lexi-edited This weekend we brought home our family's first puppy - a Toy Poodle.

The next day the breeder called and said they had overcharged my credit card. I thought, "no big deal. It's probably just ten or twenty dollars." Then they admitted it was overcharged by about fifteen thousand dollars.


So, I paid about $15,550 for our first dog. (Hopefully they'll credit my card before the billing cycle concludes...)


The kids are happy playing with "Lexi" and I'm excited about extending her pedigree. She came with a five generation pedigree chart. I know nothing of canine research methodologies, but apparently, with the right conditions, they can be researched back into the 1800s.

Today I started my research quest by doing the same thing I would for anyone else - I entered the known information into a new Legacy family file. (File > New Family File) It was easiest to add the information from the pedigree view. In no time, I had her ancestors' information entered and performed the same four essential tasks that I perform when working with any new Legacy family file:

  1. Set the quick book-mark so I can always return to the home person easily.
  2. Set the direct line as preferred.
  3. Set the relationships.
  4. Make a backup. (File > Backup Family File)

Using Legacy Charting, I created a simple Ancestor Chart, and one with a tiled background. I don't know which I like best, nor do I know if I'll do any more with this (I've got too many of my own ancestors to find). I probably should - for the amount I paid for her she's probably got some royal blood....

Puppy Pedigree:


Puppy Pedigree with tiled background:



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Lexi is so gorgeous. We also have a Toy Poodle, a black 18 month old girl named Dixie. She is our 4th Poodle & I wouldn't own any other breed of dog now. We love her to bits. You realise that now I will have to do a Legacy Family File for Dixie too, great idea. Now why didn't I think of that.

Lexi is a cutie! Only a die hard genealogist would put their dog into Legacy! :) :) :)

What a lovely dog!
We bought a Bichon Frise 18 months ago and having been supplied with a 5 generation pedigree I entered it into Legacy. I then used the internet to trace lots of relatives - currently I have nearly 1400 - however if you try to do some of the more intensive reports Legacy really struggles because there is so much cross and interbreeding - apart from that you will have some good fun especially trying to get photographs of your Lexi's relatives

Personally I think you made the page almost unreadable with that background. :-(

Shortly after Legacy Charting was introduced I made purebred horse pedigrees of the horses we owned and bred. We are no longer involved with breeding horses but the pedigree charts are wonderful keepsakes in our album.

What relationship did you use for Lexi?

Marianne - I just added her as the first person in a new Legacy family file. After setting the relationships in Legacy, she is the "Self" person. Is that what you wanted to know?

I have about 500 French Bulldog Pedigrees on Legacy, use the relationship calculator, etc. Works very well.

Congratulations on your new family member. I have a question similar but different on a Legacy file. There is an old cemetery in our town. The burials there have been researched and the information recorded in a three ring binder. The local Genealogical Society wants to print a book of this information and I have offered to do the work for a master copy. Since there are a number of people and few are connected to anyone else buried there is it possible to use Legacy for this master copy? There is a short bit of geneaalogical information on each person. Would I need just one file or would I have to have a seperate file for each surname?

Alice - sounds like a great project. Yes, Legacy will work for this. You don't need a separate file for each surname. Add everyone into the same family file. Use the "Add > New Unlinked Individual" when adding new persons who are not connected to anyone in the family file. The end result will be that you will have everyone in the same family file, many in separate trees. You'll be able to print a master list of everyone when you're ready.

I think that the relationship for Lexi is "adopted" daughter!

How did you enter the dogs names? Dogs do not have a surname, etc.

I just used the Given Name field.

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