"New FamilySearch" integration now available in Legacy Family Tree 7.4 (public pre-release)
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Legacy 7.4 update - yes, it's really free

I stopped in at the offices of our Customer Service department today. With our new 7.4 update, the phones won't stop ringing. I guess this is good, but most of the questions being asked relate to the pricing of this update. I'll try to make this more clear here....

The latest update to Legacy 7 was released Saturday. Its version number happens to be As normal, this update contains enhancements and bug fixes. Also, as normal, this update is free. What's a little different about this update is that it contains a really big new feature that some genealogy circles have been wanting for a very long time.

Other software programs charge for the features that we just released. These FamilySearch features are free in Legacy. They are available in both the free Standard edition and the Deluxe edition.


if you have already installed Legacy 7.0 (either the Standard or Deluxe edition), simply install the latest update as you usually would. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, click here and scroll down to the "How to Update" section.

If you have not yet installed Legacy, you can download the free Standard edition from here and you'll have the latest edition of our software ( Or you can purchase the Deluxe edition from here and you'll also have the latest edition with the FamilySearch features.

If you have any questions, you can 1) post a comment to this article (below), 2) write to our Support department, 3) call our Support department (425-788-0932), 4) send me a personal email. We'll do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

Thanks everyone. It's been great to hear from so many of you.


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I downloaded and installed the latest update. All went well :-)

Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on a great product!

I downloaded and installed the update yesterday with no problems at all.

"I'm so excited ... and I just can't hide it" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Download went like a charm!

The download went well, but now my Family Search ID will not allow information to be entered. Am I the only one this is happening to?

Sandra, to add the FamilySearch ID, open the LegacyFamilySearch program by clicking on the FamilySearch button. Then, when you link your Legacy person to a FamilySearch person, the FamilySearch ID will automatically be added to the FamilySearch ID field.

Is there a way to find out what the 7.4 features are for one who is not LDS?

When are Family Search features going to be available to the rest of users who are not members of LDS

A DC Wonk: yes, you can view the 3 videos at www.legacyfamilytree.com/fs.asp. They demonstrate the features of the new FamilySearch integration tools.

Dan - as soon as we know we will certainly announce it here. I would think, from what I've heard, that sometime in 2010 new.FamilySearch.org will conclude its testing and be open to everyone.

Geoff -- thanks for the quick response. But I'm still not sure I got it. Are you referring to " Getting Started with Legacy 7.4: Matching / Combining / Ordinances. " If so, it says in the first minute that it's for tools for those with LDS ordinances, etc.

A DC Wonk: true, however, if you are wondering about the LegacyFamilySearch features, then you can view this video. In the future, when FamilySearch lifts the LDS-restriction, all of the same features that are described in the video will be available to non-LDS, except for the specific LDS features (ordinance reservation). If you are wondering what else was fixed/added in the latest free update, this is listed at the Revision History page at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/RevisionHistory7.asp

Ahh, ok, thanks. Between the video (which was terrific) and RevisionHistory7.asp, now I get it. Thanks!

Hugh here
Is the update available on a CD as I only have dialup and looking at the size of the update it would take a lot of hours to download.

Hugh - the update is not available via CD.

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