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New Legacy-FamilySearch seminar now online

Those of you with access to "New FamilySearch" will want to view a seminar we presented last week in Mesa, Arizona. We recorded the seminar and published it online for you to view. The syllabus pages are also available for you to download.

The seminar, entitled "An Overview of Legacy Family Tree and its New FamilySearch Tools" was taught by Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen (that's me...) and was presented as a training session for LDS Family History Center consultants. It contains both an overview of working with Legacy and working with Legacy's new FamilySearch features.

We've also made the seminar's handouts available to download. The handouts are entitled:

The seminar and handouts can be used for personal training or as a teaching tool for your next Family History Center training meeting.

To view the seminar, visit our Legacy-FamilySearch web page at and click on the 4th video in the "Video Tutorials" section.

By the way...this weekend we released an update to Legacy which added several Legacy-FS features and corrected various bugs that you've reported to us. We haven't made the "official" announcement yet though. Visit for the revision history or to download the update.


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I have upgraded my version of Legacy Deluxe and have been looking at the information you have provided regarding your recent AZ FamilySearch seminar. I am not a member of the LDS church and wonder (1) if I can use this feature and (2) how to do it. I have found nothing on my Legacy Deluxe page(s) which refers to "I want to sign into FamilySearch. . ."

John - the FamilySearch features are available to anyone who can sign up for a FamilySearch account at Currently, FamilySearch restricts these accounts to LDS members until it is out of beta.

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