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The Granite Mountain Records Vault - take the virtual tour

Vault1 All genealogists benefit from it, but very few have ever visited the Granite Mountain Records Vault where 2.4 million rolls of microfilm are preserved. Thanks to new videos from FamilySearch, you can now tour the vault from your home.

After viewing these videos I was energized about the work FamilySearch is doing to preserve our ancestors' records. In under ten years they expect to have the microfilm digitized and available for researchers. Many of the records are already available here.

In this first video, you'll take a look behind the vault doors where 1) microfilm masters are preserved, 2) duplicates are created and shipped around the world, 3) microfilm is converted to digital images, and 4) digital images are preserved and upgraded as technology changes.

Click here for part 1.

In part two FamilySearch shows the microfilm-to-dital-media process and explains how they face major challenges in the conversion.

Click here for part 2.

In 2004 a cyclone struck the island of Niue, destroying all vital records. Part three shows how FamilySearch's efforts before the storm saved this town's history.

Click here for part 3.

For more information and pictures, click here.


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Could you have made the videos any smaller?
To promote viewing your videos I'd suggest an option to increase playback size with a best case scenario of adding a full-screen option....

Thank you for taking me inside the mountain, a fabulous achievement, all the hard work is appreciated.
Whilst Mr Barton's comment is harsh, it certainly would have been a greater experience in full tecnicolour!!

Thank you so much for sharing the videos with all of us. That was great to see inside the Vaults. Many people are doing a great work there.
Thanks again.

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