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26 Million New Names Added for Costa Rica, France, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, and the U.S.


Twenty-nine new collections were updated or added this week at—with 26 million names and 1.5 million digital images!

The international collections continue to expand with exciting new additions for Costa Rica, France, Hungary, Mexico, and Spain. In addition, nine more indexes were added to the U.S. 1910 Federal Census collection—that means it is 37 percent complete! This project is moving along quickly.

There are now 428 collections from original source records available online at FamilySearch. Search all of these great collections for free online at FamilySearch’s Record Search pilot (from, click Search Records, and then click Record Search pilot).

See the chart below for the complete list of all the newly added or improved collections.

None of this would be possible without the great contributions of many online FamilySearch volunteers. These individuals donate the time and effort needed to make these collections freely available to FamilySearch patrons. If you would like to help by donating a few minutes online with projects of personal interest, become a FamilySearch community volunteer at Many hands produce great work. Thank you for your support!

Costa Rica

  • Church Records


  • Protestant Church Records, Part B and C


  • Abauj-Torna—Civil Registration
  • Szabolcs—Civil Registration


  • México—Censo de México de 1930
  • Durango—Censo de México de 1930
  • Guanajuato—Censo de México de 1930
  • Hidalgo—Censo de México de 1930
  • Jalisco—Censo de México de 1930
  • Queretaro—Censo de México de 1930


  • Barcelona—Civil Registration Part 2, 3
  • Barcelona, Vich—Civil Registration
  • Cordoba—Civil Registration
  • Gerona—Catholic Diocese Church Records, Part 2
  • Málaga—Civil Registration  22,000
  • Ripoll (Girona)—Municipal Records

United States

  • District of Columbia—1910 Federal Census
  • Indiana—1910 Federal Census
  • Kansas—1910 Federal Census
  • Kentucky—1910 Federal Census
  • Maryland—1910 Federal Census
  • Massachusetts—1910 Federal Census
  • Minnesota—1910 Federal Census
  • New Jersey—1910 Federal Census
  • New Hampshire—Statewide Deaths, Early to 1947
  • Texas—1910 Federal Census


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