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Humor in genealogy

While browing the Genea-blogs this morning, one of DearMYRTLE's stories made me laugh.

She was reminiscing (that's a hard word to spell) about an experience she had while volunteering in a Family History Center in Florida. Myrt wrote:

A man hurried in through the center doors, explaining his wife was waiting out in the car. He said "I heard that the Mormons were doing family history. I came to pick mine up!"

...if only it were that easy. Sure wouldn't be fun though. Although, I'd love to run into a Family History Center and learn that someone had just found Nathan Brown's parents.


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I actually enjoy the genealogy research. There's just something about that feeling of anticipation as you dig through records and that "Aha!" moment when you find the one you're looking for.

However, I have a few brick walls where that "Aha!" moment has eluded me. In these cases, being able to have the information waiting for me when I get to the Family History Center would be nice.

Or doing the Geneaology Scream which is when you squeel with excitement when you found a record of an ancestor. I have been guilty of doing that at 1 in the morning, my poor neighbors.

I always have a moment of guilt when I do the Genealogy Scream in the Genealogy Room at the Library. I have to explain and then before long everyone else is sharing their "ah-ha" moments.

I sure enjoy your Legacy tips and save the ones I need in a file to refer to when I have time. They have been a great help. Thanks!

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