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Update on Legacy 7.5 progress - FamilySearch Sync Certification in Process

We've got great news for those awaiting our New FamilySearch integration tools. We've now completed the requirements for "Sync Certification" and have applied for official certification on these features. Legacy is already certified in "Access", "Print", and "Ordinance Status".

The certification process usually takes a few weeks. Once it passes FamilySearch's tests, we will undergo some further testing, and then announce the free update via this blog/website.

To learn more about the FamilySearch integration tools, click here. The latest information from FamilySearch is that access to the new.familysearch.org website, to which Legacy's FamilySearch tools provide access, is still restricted to LDS members while the site is still undergoing development and testing. I hear that later this year, and possibly even the beginning of next year, it will be ready and available to the general public.


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Have you also completed the requirements for Update, and Ordinance Reservation?

Kathie - update, yes; ordinance reservation, almost.

can't wait for this new facility to be in place

Thank Goodness! I can promote Legacy again since it has been my one and only genealogy program since 1998. I have checked out many others and have not wanted to change. Thank You! Thank You!

Will there be any non familysearch.org/LDS features in 7.5?

Love to see some new stuff :)

Alan - probably. I know they've done some bug fixing and have implemented some small new features. I don't have the details right now though.

What if I do not wish to synchronize with Family Search? Will it be possible to turn off this feature?

Yes, it is completely optional.

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