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Legacy for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Familiesipadiphone Got an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad? With the brand new Families application from TelGen Limited you can now easily transfer your Legacy Family Tree files from your PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are. Any changes you make on these devices can then be synced back to your Legacy file on your PC.

Features of Families:

  • Family and Pedigree Views
  • Pictures, including the ability to add pictures from camera or photo album
  • Locations and addresses, with geolocation via Google Maps
  • Multiple family files
  • New family files can be created from scratch
  • Index, searchable by given name, surname, or RIN
  • Events
  • To Do Lists
  • Master and detail sources
  • Alternate names
  • Portrait and landscape mode on all views
  • Full screen support on the iPad
  • Legacy file version 6 and 7 are supported

Families uses a highly efficient database implementation, allowing very large family files to be supported. Users have successfully displayed and edited files containing over 300,000 individuals on an iPhone.

Families requires a companion program running on the PC to transfer family files to and from the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This program, Families Sync, can be downloaded free of charge. Note that iTunes must be installed in order to use this program.

Families is available in the App Store for $14.95. For more information, and to view screen shots of Families, please click here.


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I'm disappointed with this news. I guess this means that the folks at Legacy Family Tree aren't creating their own apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. I own an Android phone and I was hoping and expecting you to be creating an app for that. You've let me down.

Hi, when will you have the Android version?

I'm using this and it works like a charm. I especially like having the pictures tranferred.

Congratulations to Legacy for this iPhone version. We genealogy enthusiasts do need a mobile application. Would like to see you working on a comparable app for Android phones.

Wow! This is going to change the future of research and sharing. It almost makes netbooks look like dinosaurs.

Jasia - I just bought a Droid X. Love it. The developer of Families says that they should have a version for the Android by the end of the year.

What do they say about an app for the Blackberry?

Reid - I haven't heard. Does anyone know of a great genealogy app for the Blackberry?

Very nice and useful. Bravo !

But expensive for an app when we have already bought the software !

And when the Mac version ? The iPhone exists since just some years and there's already a nice app instead of the Mac who exists since the 80's and no software for it...

Do I have to buy two Apps - or will I buy one that works on both my iPhone4 and my iPad? I get very frustrated when developers require a different app for each product.

I feel that the PC version of Legacy is a real bargain and I update to each version immediately upon release. However, I think that $14.95 for the iPhone app is far too much money. I am confused with what I have read. Is the app a program you created or is it third party? I assume that it is a third party app given that the price is so high - too high for the iPhone but perhaps worthwhile for the iPad.

Will this app be available for Droids?

Fantastic! But -- I'll never be able to keep my iPhone charged up now! :)

Just before ordering for my iPod, I saw the program is larger than 9mb. My iPod is the smaler 8mb. Suggest you explain the requirement for iPod 32mb or higher in your description of the program. Glad I didn't buy it only to find I couldn't download it.

Geoff: You mean a native Legacy app for the Mac? That'd be wonderful! We've been (fairly) long-time users of Legacy and transferred over to Macs (coupla minis, coupla Airs, iPad, for now) and would like a native app.

Has anyone successfully used families on an Ipod Touch? I have a large tree, 170,000 individuals, and lots of photos, and I'm would like an assurance that it will work before I buy the app.

I've been wanting to get an I-Pad...now think I will do that...but is there a problem when using Windows 7 and moving info back and forth with a Mac product?

I have downloaded this app and although the concept is nice, it never loads properly. I wrote the company and if you check their site, many people have experienced the same problem I'm encountering. I don't think they have worked the bugs out of this application.

Rita and others - the TelGen company mentioned that they hope to have an Android version released by the end of the year.

Bill - "Families" is produced by a third-party - TelGen Limited.

I have windows 7 and just bought an iPad and added the families app on my iPad and the companion software on my windows pc and it works wonderful. My file is not as large as some 30,000 but I absolutely love it. Now I can really take my genealogy where ever I go. It is well worth the money. Pictures come through fantastic.

forgive my ignorance...where do you download the Families Sync?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Families app. I have a HUGE tree and lots of photos and documents. I can even enlarge the photos and documents when I view them. It took a while for the transfer but oh did it ever get everything on my iPhone. I just could not be more pleased. This is THE app I have been whining for ever since I got an iPhone. I have not put it on my iPad yet, but plan to do it in the next couple of days. I have an iPod touch but I see no need to put it on that device. I have not tried to edit my tree with the app, will be trying that soon if I can stop jumping up and down with excitment over this app. As to the price of the app...well, I personally think 15 dollars for my TOTAL tree (including documents, photos, research notes and ability to edit) being portable is cheap plus the fact that I can put it on multiple devices.
While I was able to get my tree copied over to my iPhone, I must say that the process was very awkward and it took numberous attempts. One thing I learned is that I need to have my Legacy program closed on my PC before syncing up my tree to the iPhone. I hope they will improve this and make it easier and more intuitive.
This app is really great!!

As the developer of the Families app, I'd like to make clear that Families is a product of TelGen Limited, and any queries you have about it should be addressed to us at support@telgen.co.uk. There is also a forum for Families at www.telgen.co.uk/families/forum.

In answer to some specific questions raised:
- When will there be an Android version? We hope by the end of the year.
- Will there be a version for Blackberry? We have no plans for this at present.
- Do I have to buy two apps for iPhone and iPad? No, you only need to buy one app, which works on both.
- "I saw the program is larger than 9mb. My iPod is the smaller 8mb. Suggest you explain the requirement for iPod 32mb or higher in your description of the program." Your iPod has 8 gigabytes of memory, not 8 megabytes, so there is ample room for this app and many others.
- Has anyone successfully used families on an Ipod Touch? Yes, with no problems.

Ed - you download the Families Sync tool at TelGen's site: http://www.telgen.co.uk/families/

I will be loading this on my IPod as soon as I get it back from the kids. Thank you Malcolm for clearing up all the questions. It is worth reading to the bottom of comments. And Geoff, thank you for keeping everyone informed, as always.

I am waiting for the Android version as more an more people are...

Sounds Great..but will this App work on a PalmOne device? I have a PalmOne Tungsten T-5 palm pilot that needs a program to run my Legacy program.

I love the Legacy software and really hope that they make an app for the Droid!!! Are there any plans to make an Android version of this app?

Just bought an iPad, will be installing Families this weekend. Will have a Droid phone soon. So my configuration will be Windows Vista laptop, iPad and Droid phone. I understand that would require 2 apps (iPad & Droid). Would their be a syncing order I would have to follow? Are updates based on time synced or time updated? Changes made on Tuesday on iPad then synced to laptop would be overwritten by changes made on Wednesday on Droid phone and then synced to laptop?

I'm wondering how the name list (index) in Families works. Are you able to search surname & given name simultaneously or does it only search surname OR given names? THX

I'm also really, really hoping you will develop something for Android. I HATE Apple and the iPhone.

I'm another that will put in a vote for the android app. I recently converted from a Windows Mobil phone and I love the android. I don't think the price is out of line for a QUALITY app. I've paid this much for two others that I thought were worth it.

As people are still asking the same questions that the developer Malcolm Green has already answered, might I suggest that his comments be bumped up to the top of the comments list.

Where can I get help with the new Families program that I thought I sync'd to my IPhone 3G? All I can get is the Kennedy file, which I'd rather not have. I have Windows Vista as my computer. Is there a manual to look through?

One word, two syllables -

Android app yet?

Doug - I understand they just began beta testing for the Families Android app.

At the time this came out I personally had no reason to use it. But preparing for a "family tree holiday" this year realised it should be useful. And it has been, really useful when visiting both villages, churches and record offices, to have something so much more portable and with a better battery than my laptop.
BUT there are 3 things I would have liked, particularly important in a very mobile device, which if they are present I have yet to find:
1. to be able to search on a place name so I could remind myself of what family events had occurred there;
2. to be able to access the "to do" list other than by individuals - so that, for example, I could see when in a particular record office what I want to look up there;
3. to see relationships to a given person - would be happy if these were not re-settable but just as brought across from Legacy on my pc, so I can get a reminder of how close or distant a relation is, and hence my level of interest in them!

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