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Pocket Genealogist v4 now available - access Legacy on Windows Mobile devices

Pg Got a Windows Mobile based device? With the new Pocket Genealogist 4.0 you can easily transfer your Legacy Family Tree files, including pictures, from your PC to your PocketPC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5/6 device.

And while you are at the cemetery or the library, you can add or edit information and when you get home, Pocket Genealogist will sync with and update your Legacy files on your PC - no GEDCOM needed.

Pocket PC Magazine Winner

Pocket Genealogist, developed by Northern Hills Software, has been the Pocket PC Magazine winner for genealogy software for 5 years in a row now. With the brand new release of version 4 it continues to lead the industry in mobile genealogy software.


Some of Pocket Genealogist's features include:

  • 3-generation view
  • Ancestor and Descendant Tree views
  • Databases and program can be stored in memory or on a storage card
  • Relationship calculator
  • GPS support
  • Multimedia support (images/photos/pdf)
  • and much more...

What's new in version 4

Version 4 offers great new features, including enhanced overall performance for newer Windows Mobile devices. Some of the new features include:

  • support for capacitive touch devices (devices that use your finger instead of a stylus)
  • support for PDF files
  • 3-generation view that displays image thumbnails
  • a "Changes Report" that displays changes made on the device or use in transferring the information to Legacy for those not comfortable with the more automated methods
  • many features previously only available with "Advanced" are now included in the "Basic" version, including the relationship calculator, GPS support, 255 generations with tree views, storage card formatting, device resetting, database backup and restore, and multimedia support.

Kevin Phillips, Northern Hills Software President wrote, "Updates to Version 4 will be free to all Version 4 registered users. If you have a request for a specific feature, please let us know."

How to purchase

Pocket Genealogist 4.0 is available in the Legacy Family Tree online store for $35. For more information, including lots of screenshots, click here.

How to upgrade

Special upgrade pricing is available for customers who have previously purchased Pocket Genealogist. Click here for more information or to purchase.


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Is there a genealogy interactive program for the Blackberry Bold and Legacy 7?

Windows Mobile is pretty much an obsolete technology. How about spending your development budget on something for Android or iPhone? You need to be ahead of the curve, not years behind it.

Ron - no, there is not. In fact, I'm unaware of any good genealogy apps for the blackberry.

Ron, As far as I am aware Legacy don't produce anything for mobiles, but leave it to other companies. An app for iphones etc has just been released.

You say that Windows is getting obselete, well maybe, but I only bought mine a month ago, and at half the price of iphones and Android based phones, my guess is that they will be around for a long time yet.

On this Pocket Genealogist v4, can I store all the information that I have in my Legacy 7 program, with photos and all information? How big is this gadget.

What about Families by TelGen Limited $14.95 for use with a iPhone

How about something for the Palm OS (Palm Pre, Pixi)?

I just bought an iPad and was disappointed to see that Legacy did not have an app for the iPad.

Louise - the "Families" application was designed for Legacy to interface with the iPad. See

As of January 1, 2010, the GedStar developer asked us to remove its software, which support the Palm OS, as they were discontinuing its support and development.

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