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This Wednesday's Mapping Webinar - Are You Ready?

Are you ready for this Wednesday's LIVE webinar? We are. I hope.... :)

If you have never attended a live webinar before, we have something in common - I've never taught in a live webinar before. Am I nervous? You bet. First of all, I have never spoken - live - to an audience this large - ever. And although I will not see any of you, I will know you are there watching and listening. Secondly, I have never taught a class to people in 28 countries at the same time.

Am I excited? Absolutely! I love using new technology and I love teaching.

If you are new to webinars, here are a few pointers.

1) A "webinar" is a seminar, but it is held online. After you join the webinar (via the hyperlink in your registration email) you will watch and listen just as if you were at a live seminar, but you do not have to get dressed up, or even brush your teeth. You will even be able to ask questions.

2) Speakers - make sure that your speakers are turned on and up.

3) Microphone - a lot of you have asked about this. For this first webinar you will not need a microphone. We're going to start simple by providing a Questions Area where you will be able to type in your question.

4) Time Zone - Remember the webinar will start at approximately 2:00PM EDT. If you live in Arizona, it will start at 11:00AM. If you live in Australia, it will start at 4:00AM.

5) Join a little early - click on the "Join Webinar" button (found in your registration email) about 15 minutes before the start of the webinar. It may take a minute or two for the webinar software to get set up properly.

6) Close any other open programs before joining the webinar.

If you will not be able to attend the live webinar, please cancel your registration via the link at the bottom of your registration email. The webinar filled to capacity quickly - one day after opening the virtual doors the virtual seats were already 50% filled. If you are not able to attend live, you will be able to view the recorded webinar (as long as I remember to click on the Record Webinar button...).

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask using the Comments section below. See you Wednesday!


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I have lost the posting giving me permission to attend this seminar..what should I do?

Joan - you will receive a reminder email 2 days before the event and 1 hour before the event which will have the Join Webinar link. Watch for these emails.

Espero que me envies a palestra gravada em video !

Frank - yes, we plan to record the webinar.

About how long will the webinar last?

Brian - Probably between 40-50 minutes which includes a Q/A period.

Will we be able to watch the recorded webinar if we did not register for the actual one?

Rebecca - yes.

How about a cd of the webinar?

Mary and others - the webinar is now available for viewing at

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