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Evidence Analysis webinar - now available to view

Blogging for Beginners webinar - recording now available to view

Last night's Blogging for Beginners webinar is now available to view. DearMYRTLE did an excellent job teaching us about blogging - what it is and why we need it. View the recording in our webinar archives at With the Q/A session at the end, the recording is 1 hour 31 minutes in length.

Here are some of the comments from our listeners:

I learned a lot today. I will go back and review everything once it goes on-line.

Excellent presentation! I  learned a lot and hope to join the world of blogging soon.

Clear & concise explanation of a complex subject!

Good beginner info.  Hope you follow up with more advanced features as well -- statistics, workflow, etc.

I learned a lot about something I knew nothing about and I'm willing to try to set up a blog.  Thanks for a most informative webinar.

I now plan to do a Blog. Before I had no idea how to even start. Thank you this was wonderful.

It was extremely informative and very easy to understand.  Thanks for making it SIMPLE!

Very good. Pertinent topic. Good clear instructions along with a lot of resources. Well planned sequence of presentation.

IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THRILLING for me and very excellent! This is my very first such seminar, and I am brand new to Genealogy.

Myrt is easy to listen to and well organized. I liked the way she started in with beginning blogging and ended with the more challenging blogging. I will definitely go to any lecture she is giving. Thank you for having her present.

Worth staying up till 2:30 am for.

...lots more

Congrats to the 5 door prize winners. Remember that the special gift (15% off coupon code for our online store) for live attendees (and those who watch the webinar before Saturday) expires this Saturday, October 23, 2010).

Thanks everyone for attending. I, too, hope we can have Myrt back. Be sure to keep up with her blog at


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