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FamilySearch Indexing webinar video is now online (free)

Today's live webinar with FamilySearch's Jim Ericson is now over, and the live turnout was great. Thanks to everyone for attending.

We tried something new in today's webinar - we took your calls - live - and it worked great! There were still about 100 questions that we couldn't get to during the live show, so stay tuned to this blog for more answers to your questions.

Didn't Jim do a great job?! I'm extra motivated once again to continue my volunteer efforts with FamilySearch indexing.

How to watch the webinar again

For those who missed the live webinar, we did record it. Go to for the recording. We did no editing to the video (all the dumb jokes are still there, sorry...). It is 1 hour 29 minutes in length.

As a reminder, the coupon code we issued expires this Saturday, October 9. The code is available at the 1 hour 10 minute mark in the video. And congrats to the door prize winners Donna Yambasky and David Durick who each won a free copy of Legacy Family Tree 7 Deluxe.

Future webinars

We've got some great webinars planned. See to sign up. If you have an idea for a webinar, let me know. We would even entertain the idea of providing a free webinar for your local Legacy User Group or genealogy society. Now that would be fun!


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After watching this webinar and putting Jim's tips to use, my indexing experience is so much better. Entering data by columns instead of by rows and adjusting the highlights has really helped my efficiency. I put together a little video tutorial of Jim's tips along with a few of my own if anyone is interested.

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