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Legacy 7.5 receives FamilySearch certifications - to be released January 17, 2011

Legacy Family Tree 7.5 has now received official FamilySearch certification in four new categories and will be available as a free update for both Standard and Deluxe edition users on Monday, January 17, 2011.

For years, FamilySearch has worked on developing a web application for researchers to be able to interact with a very large, unified database of connected genealogical information. This new system is being released in phases - first for members of the LDS church while it is tested and perfected, and then to the public. This new database, commonly known as "New FamilySearch" is the database with which Legacy 7.5 will interact. All other databases, including the new Historical Records, Family Trees, and Library Catalog are currently open to everyone at

Who should install this update?

Everyone. Although the only major new feature in the 7.5 update will be the addition of more new FamilySearch integration tools, there will be dozens of minor additions and fixes for everyone. However, gaining access to the new FamilySearch databases requires an account. Currently, registering for a new account is restricted to members of the LDS church.

New FamilySearch Certifications

  • Sync - ability to keep FamilySearch family tree current with Legacy's information for selected persons and information (optional - you do not have to share anything if you do not desire)
  • Update - publish to family tree. Also includes request to combine matched individuals (also optional)
  • Ordinance Reservation (LDS-specific) - identify persons needing ordinances, prepare for Ordinance Request, and check for duplicate ordinances
  • Ordinance Request (LDS-specific) - request ordinances in order to print the ordinance cards

Previous FamilySearch Certifications

  • Access - search and read family tree
  • Print - print multiple reports and charts using online data from FamilySearch
  • Ordinance Status (LDS-specific) - read and display ordinance status information
  • PAF Import - PAF data can be imported into Legacy for use in the tree

We also expect to be certified in the "Helper" category for this update.

Register for our Legacy-FamilySearch webinars

As part of the Arizona Family History Expo in January we are teaching two classes about Legacy and its new FamilySearch tools. These classes will also be broadcast to a live webinar audience. Registration is free but space is limited.

Improving Your Use of New FamilySearch: Data Cleanup Strategies, Friday, January 21, 2011

New FamilySearch Made Easy with Legacy Family Tree, Saturday, January 22, 2011


What's New

Here are some screenshots of 7.5.

Possible Matches


Possible Duplicates


Share Data


Automated citations when importing data


Automated tracking of changes


Ordinance Status (LDS-Specific)


Track your ordinance cards (LDS-Specific)


Track who has your cards (LDS-Specific)



Track your completed cards (LDS-Specific)


Print/Reserve ordinance cards (LDS-Specific)


Plus a lot more...

What will Legacy 7.5 cost?

Nothing. Legacy 7.5 will be a free update to Legacy 7.0 or 7.4. When it is available, all you will need to do is download and install the update as you usually install Legacy updates. The new FamilySearch integration tools will be available as part of both the Standard (free) and Deluxe editions of Legacy.

When will Legacy 7.5 be released?

On January 17, 2011. Watch our blog at for the announcement, or simply check the Updates section on the Legacy Home tab inside Legacy 7.


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So just to clarify then - the major updates in version 7.5 will ONLY be of use to LDS members as non-members will not be able to gain access to the new Family Search databases??

Hooray! This is fantastic news.

Hooray for 7.5, thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. It will be a GREAT tool to get our information in Sync and add to our personal Legacy databases, much information that is available on Family Search. This is a home run.

What a way to start 2011.

Thanks Legacy
Russ Port

Concerning the FamilySerch plugins you mention : "Currently, registering for a new account is restricted to members of the LDS church".
I am not a member of the LDS church. Does this means that I will never be able to use the FalmilySearch plugin to search in their database after I have upgraded to version 7.5

Ada - use of the features in 7.5 is open to anyone with a account. Currently, FamilySearch has restricted these accounts to LDS members as they continue/complete their testing. So, as soon as they lift the restriction, it will be available to all.

I'm very excited about the upcoming release of version 7.5. I’m thrilled not only to finally have the features I’ve been expecting and waiting for, but I am surprised and delighted by the way Legacy is handling the tracking of ordinances—particularly the ability to track who has your ordinance cards and to track completed cards. While I certainly deeply feel the need for these features, I had not anticipated that they would be included in this release, if ever, and I'm thrilled.

When I purchased Legacy nearly a year ago, in spite of the fact that all of the New Family Search features—which are critical to me--had not yet been completed, I did so because my research led me to the conclusion that Legacy does things in a more thorough, more user-friendly way than the other software options and that it would be worth the wait. These unexpected features of version 7.5 have confirmed that conclusion.

So glad you've finally completed the system. I've worked hard to get my files ready for this update. Looking forward to accomplishing more because tasks will be faster. Thanks.

thank you all!!!! i have tried to be patient but did sighup for roots magic4 and family insight to to get a head start but inporting and exporting over 8000 names can be very confusing. so many of my older generation have been done already and i realy dont want to repeat the work, and want to show the ordences in legacy.
one question. will the legacy show the sealing of children on the parent view as in family incite?

Melissa - yes, Legacy will show the SP to the appropriate parents.

The ordinance cards and tracking of them will go forward from January 17th, right? In other words, if I have cards already, they will not show up in 7.5 unless I input them?

I have been looking forward to 7.5 for a long time. I am so glad it is finally here!

My Legacy instructor has been raving about this day!!!He says now we will get the things done that Legacy was meant to do and will be able to do. As I am pretty new to this system, I'm looking forward to making my own job in genealogy easier. Thank you for your intelligences and many,many hours to make this a reality.

Mary Alice - good news. Yes, LegacyFS will start tracking the cards as of January 17. But for cards prior to that, you will be able to click on the "Claim this card as my own" link on the person's Ordinance Status screen. This card will then be added to the card tracking system.

Stephen - no, any 7.5 updates will be of value to everyone. The FamilySearch features are only a portion of Legacy. Other aspects of Legacy will continue to be developed and enhanced as usual.

Further to Ade's query above re ""Currently, registering for a new account is restricted to members of the LDS church" - can you advise when Family Search is likely to release these features to non LDS members? There are millions of us out here awaiting the ability to Sync and Update data that are not LDS members. I have been waiting patiently since the first release occurred mid last year.

Terence - as soon as I hear from FamilySearch when they will remove the account restriction I will let you know. The last I've heard is that it will be sometime next year.

I'm sorry but I cannot get excited about this release. You are making great claims about integration with LDS and FamilySearch, but as others have said you have to be a member of LDS for this to be any use! Other new features are mere window-dressing.

What percentage of Legacy users ARE members of LDS? I suspect about 10%, if that. Is this figure available?

In the meantime while LDS drag their feet about releasing the database to the rest of the world, we can just sit and wait. And wait. And wait. Come on LDS. Get this new website released!

David - I understand where you're coming from. In the meantime, FamilySearch has published major new collections on their new website at No, we don't have those figures available, although I suspect the percentage to be quite a bit higher. Regardless, when FamilySearch does lift the restriction, it will be well-tested for everyone. I'm excited about the fact that LegacyFS will monitor for any changes or additions up at the FamilySearch website so you won't have to check. Some people are concerned that if they use the FamilySearch integration tools that Legacy is going to publish their information online. It will do this only if you intentionally select to do so. So regardless of the LDS features in it (ordinance cards and tracking), LegacyFS will be a great help to all Legacy users. If you have the "LDS Options" turned off, then you wouldn't see any of the LDS features either. We'll of course be the first to tell you when FamilySearch has lifted the restriction.

>>The last I've heard is that it will be sometime next year.<<

That's a pretty wide range of time -- can you give us an estimate of which quarter of the year?

Diane - I don't think they even know...

My question is related but may be in the wrong place. If so, please direct me appropriately.

I would like to sign up for all of the upcoming online seminars but since I am not a member of the LDS churh does this mean classes involving the restrocted database are not available to non-members or would not be beneficial at this time?

Tina - the upcoming FamilySearch webinars are available to everyone.

To be honest, I find it rather offensive that Legacy spends so much time and money developing a feature that only benefits members of a certain religious organization. It's been a long time since you've come out with a major upgrade for the rest of us. How about an Android version of Pocket Genealogist? Does anyone really use Windows Mobile anymore?

Bob - thanks for your candidness (is that a real word?). Currently built-in to Legacy are lots of LDS tools that appear when the LDS options are turned on. We spent a lot of time on those features in the past because they are important to a large group of people. Because FamilySearch has now changed the way LDS research occurs, we needed to update our outdated LDS tools. The LDS tools in Legacy are, comparitively, a very small portion of what Legacy does. Those that are not familiar with the LDS' use for the tools in Legacy might not be aware of how "big of a deal" this 7.5 release means for LDS users. So, as others have stated, the FamilySearch features in 7.5 will not be a big deal for them. I agree. However, won't it be nice when it is available to everyone that it has been thoroughly tested and improved for all of the additional offerings it will have?

I am so excited about this release. I have been waiting a long time for this. I did loose patience as other applications have had the ability to interface and sync with New FamilySearch for awhile now and I have tried to use them. I just like the features in Legacy overall and prefer to use it. I'm glad I didn't totally give up on you. It looks like the features you will offer are more than I expected and I'm so happy. Can't wait to use it. Thanks for all your had work.

Once the LDS church finishes all the testing, etc of the NEW family search and releases it to the public, the LEGACY features will be a fantastic tool for everyone, LDS or not. Just like the old Family Search, you will be able to glean tons of information from the database (free) but in a much easier, intuitive and productive process. Instead of looking at it like Legacy is only serving the LDS community, try to understand it is that community that is doing the 'beta testing' and getting it ready for the rest of the world to enjoy. Once NFS is released to the public, Legacy will be ready for it too. Yes, there are definitely benefits for LDS members to be using the system earlier than the general public but it is also their money that is providing all the extensive and expensive work that has gone into this amazing bit of technology for the last several years. It will be provided to everyone in the world for free and that is definitely worth waiting for.

Please give the Legacy people credit for all the work they have done to not only make this resource available to EVERYONE who uses Legacy Family Tree but also for trying to provide the BEST interface available to make the most of NFS when it does become available. It is a huge benefit to non-LDS for the LDS members to work through any issues before NFS releases to the general public and Legacy has absolutely no control over when that happens but I'm sure they will be ready when it does.

I hope this came out very positive because I intend it to be; I think everyone is doing a fantastic job both at NFS and at Legacy and it would be sad to have misunderstandings about their intentions and motivation.


I use and love the training videos that came out for Version 7. Will there be a new one for 7.5?

Amy - at there are videos for the FamilySearch-specific features.

I have been looking forward to 7.5 for a long time, or so it seems. Thank you all so much for the work you have done to get it ready for us. The new features sound great. It will be wonderful to have the syncrinization (sp?) between new.Familysearch and Legacy. It will mean so much to have the new tracking for our Cards. Being a FamilySearch Missionary at this time I am so excited about the many, many records that have been added to and it is available to everyone. Thank you again for this wonderful program to help us record, organize, share, and enjoy looking at our Family History.

I can HARDLY wait! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have worked so hard. And I completely concur with Kathy's comments above. :)

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