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New webinar in the archives - Share Your Family History with Legacy Charting

Last night's webinar, Share Your Family History with Legacy Charting, is now available in our webinar archives. Janet Hovorka did a fantastic job of giving us ideas on why to use charts and I had a blast demonstrating some of Legacy Charting's features. Thanks everyone for calling in - especially Janise from Australia (I love her accent).

As a reminder, be sure to place your wall chart orders several days before the holiday shipping deadlines for ontime Christmas delivery. And the link for the step-by-step instructions to create the special family tree bookmarks is here.

Listen to the recording here. The webinar will be available in the archives until at least January 1, 2011 (can't believe the new year is almost here...).

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Katie-Gale-small Wednesday, December 8, 2010. Helping Unlock the World's Records - FamilySearch Indexing for Power Users. If you’ve graduated from the basics of FamilySearch Indexing, you’re ready to learn how to simplify and increase your work without decreasing your accuracy. This class, taught by FamilySearch's Katie Gale and hosted by Legacy Family Tree's Geoff Rasmussen, will discuss a variety of ways to enhance your indexing experience with program tips, tools, and more.

ThomasMacentee-small Wednesday, January 5, 2011. Google for Genealogists. Most genealogists are only using 10% or less of the resources behind Google when it comes to genealogy research. Learn from professional genealogist, Thomas MacEntee, about the other 90% and how these Google components can be leveraged for better search results. Google is more than just a search engine – it is a wealth of information much of which goes unnoticed by the average genealogist. Besides search, Google allows you to access maps, books, journals, abstracts, patents and much more. These components may be what is needed to make advances in your genealogy research.

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Hi Geoff,
I listened to your recorded webinar last night,and I was so excited to see the book tag, that I spent the best part of the evening designing a book tag for my 7 grand children, who are all visiting me in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa for Christmas. What a brilliant idea. Many thanks!
I would also like to do an ancestral chart for each set of grandkids [there are 3 families - 2 families with 2 children each, and one with three children]. How can I get an ancestral chart for one family with both grandkids as the starting persons. I do not wish to produce two identical charts for each grand kid in the same family.
This would make an excellent family gift!
Mike Bridgeford [South Africa]

Mike - if you create a HourGlass chart with you as the starting person, and select 1 generation of descendants, you will get what you are hoping for. Hope this helps...

Hi Geoff, Can you tell me what time the Webinar
'Google for Genealogists' will be held, please.
I assume it will be USA time so I am trying to establish the equivalent NZ time.
thanks, Heaher [Auckland, NZ]

Heather - the times are listed over at For the Google for Genealogists webinar the times are: 2:00 PM Eastern (U.S.), 1:00 PM Central, 12:00 PM Mountain, 11:00 AM Pacific, 7:00PM GMT. You can use a time zone converter online to determine the right time zone for your area of Australia. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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