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Free webinar this Wednesday: Backing Up Your Genealogy Data

Theme Are you ready for this Wednesday's LIVE webinar? We are. And so is our speaker, Thomas MacEntee. Thomas was the presenter in one of our most popular webinars ever - Google for Genealogists. This Wednesday, March 23, 2011, he will present Backing Up Your Genealogy Data.

Webinar description

Have you ever experienced a data loss when it comes to your genealogy research? Not yet? Well if not, have you prepared for what might happen if your hard drive fails? What if your laptop is lost or stolen? Learn the basics of backing up all your genealogy data including identifying data, common backup methods and how to use free online programs to help you make sure your data will always be available! Participants will learn various methods for backing up their genealogy data including many free online programs such as DropBox, Google Docs, Picasa and more! Join webinar host, Geoff Rasmussen, and Google for Genealogists' presenter, Thomas MacEntee for this 90-minute session.

Registration is free but space is limited.


Although the webinar will be available in our archives shortly after the live presentation, we've got lots of perks for those who attend live:

  • Door prizes
  • Discount coupons
  • Ask your questions with your keyboard or microphone

See you all Wednesday!


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What time on Wed. 3-23-11?

2pm eastern U.S.

I love Legacy Family Tree webinars. I can't be there Wednesday for Thomas' webinar since thousands of Texas retired public school employees will descend on our Austin state capitol Wednesday to visit with state representatives to hopefully keep our retirement benefits from shrinking any more during this legislative session. I'll catch up if this webinar will be archived. Have fun!

I signed up for the webinar, but had to rush my husband to the Dr. that morning at 10:30 am, ( was to be at 11am PST,and could not get back in time.

Is there a place to perhaps review it or will you have another one again.

My apoligies..
Catherine Christie

Catherine - yes, the webinar is now available in the archives at until April 4, 2011.

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