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Legacy Tip: How to change the wording for a non-marriage

If an ancestral couple had children, but were not married, you certainly do not want your books and reports to use the default wording of "John married Mary...". Here's the work-around.

Open the Marriage Information screen. There's a few fields and checkboxes here that you can adjust such as the Status field and the This couple did not marry checkbox. You can even modify each person's married name in the Married Names section.

To modify the wording of the husband/wife and married phrases, click on the Wording Options tab in the upper left.


In the example above, you can change the Family View labels from Husband and Wife to something that might make more sense for this couple. Change them to Father and Mother. Now, in the Family View (and maybe other places too) they will be listed as Father and Mother instead of Husband and Wife.

In the Report Phrases section, you can change the "married" phrase to something more appropriate such as:

  • was really good friends with
  • knew
  • had children with

That's the power of Legacy - you make the decision. Note - when you change the wording for this couple, it only changes the wording for this couple - not for anyone else. See below for the changes to the Husband/wife labels in the Family View.



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That's a good one, "really good friends with"! Love it.

Wonderful idea. My records are now more correct especially when I print out pages in the narrative book style.

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