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Legacy Charting Companion - free update now available - adds Descendant Fan Chart

Legacy Charting Companion, a Legacy Family Tree add-on program developed by Progeny Genealogy, has a free update available to download. This update adds the industry's first and only Descendant Fan Chart plus a couple of other minor additions.

I love Fan Charts. They make it simple to visualize several generations of ancestors. A Descendant Fan Chart is similar, but instead of going back in time to display ancestors in the fan, it displays the descendants of the center person. Take a look at Asa Brown's Descendant Fan Chart below.

The half-circle (click on image to enlarge):


The full-circle:


Interesting, isn't it?

How to get the update

The new Descendant Fan Chart is included in Legacy Charting Companion 2.1.1 and later, and is available free for existing customers of this add-on software. (Legacy Charting Companion is different than the Legacy Charting which is inlcuded in Legacy.) To update, just click on the link in the email you received when you purchased the product. If you have questions, contact Progeny Genealogy's support at [email protected].

More information

For more information on Legacy Charting Companion, or to purchase for just $19.95, click here.


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I clicked the link in the original email, downloaded the update and have not been able to locate the fan chart option in the program. Any hints where to look?

Kathleen - click on the Family Button. The Descendant Fan is in the 3rd row of reports here.

Any way we will get this in the Legacy Charting that comes with Legacy? It looks really nifty :)


Fantastic - you read my mind! This is exactly what I have been wanting but didn't know how to ask for! Thank you a thousand times, Thank you.

I have an embroidery sewing machine (non-commerical) which uses a PES format. Will this program work on my machine?

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