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Legacy Tip - what to do with a picture of a couple

Here's a great question from Michele,

Let's say you have a picture of two people together. You attach the photo to the first person and fill in the caption, date, and description. Is there any way to copy and paste it to the other person so that you don't have to fill out all that stuff again?

Yes, Michele. This is very do-able in Legacy. If I understand your situation correctly, you have linked a picture of the couple to the first person, as in the example below:


To quickly add this same picture to the other person, follow these steps:

Right-click on the picture and click on Copy.


Next, open the other person's Picture Gallery, and in one of the blank spaces, right-click and click Paste from Legacy clipboard. Your picture is now linked to both individuals.

Personally, in this case I would link this "couple" picture to their marriage. Then I would open my picture editor software to make a copy of the original (using its Save As command). Using the Crop tool, I would then make two pictures out of it - one for each person. Then, back in Legacy, I would link these individual pictures to each person. Doing so would give me a nice picture pedigree. Just be sure to make a copy of the original before doing any cropping.

There are a lot of other ways we could go with this discussion, maybe we ought to do a webinar about it? What do you think? Any other ideas out there about this topic?


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A webinar on this topic sounds like a fantastic idea. I've had the same question myself!

That's fine, addding a picture like that to the marriage, but when printing the report the marriage picture is never printed. Is there a way to print that without having to link it to an event, where the report will then report twice that so and so was married to so and so, once in the narration and then in the event (though the picture will only print once)

George - you've hit on one of the disadvantages to using the marriage pictures. You're right, they don't print in the normal reports. This is on the list of enhancement requests for the development team.

I have similar pictures but they include 6 to 15 people, all closely related. I want to include all the individuals in my genealogy. Cropping a person out of a large group is not very satisfactory. Any suggestions?

Another situation I've run into is a picture of all the kids in the family. I could attach the same picture to each child, but that seems redundant. How would you suggest handling that to preserve the whole picture, in addition to cropping out each face?
(And I think a webinar on this topic is an excellent idea.)

Julie - here's what I personally do. I retain the original picture, but also create separate pictures of each of the children's faces by using cropping. Others might have other ideas too?

I often attach the picture to an event, and then use the Event Clipboard to copy it to all the people involved. This isn't applicable for every circumstance, of course, but I have lots of custom events and use them liberally, so this method works well for me.

It would be nice if the pictures could also be printed together with the person's information. This would make a printed report look a lot more interesting and more complete.

On the top part of info for a person between the arrow for other locations you have entered and the map addy, there is a section '+'. Until I saw the Death certificate webaniar, I was using that for info on deaths, etc, but it doesn't print in reports. I really think this would be a good place to place some of the info you are teaching us to do with the arrow on the left side of 'add to''s and think it is actually nicer than adding at bottom as an event.

Info is easy to find, there are 4 ways including pictures that can be added. What is the purpose of having the '+' if aren't going to use it. Just get it to printed reports!!

Luayne Pierce

I have a picture of one of my ancestors with all 14 of her children. I know the names and birth dates for all of them but don't know which is which so cannot crop the picture to make individual ones. Any ideas of other ways to avoid attaching the picture to all 15 individuals?

I'd be interested to know when to use Photo Center vs Photo Gallery....perhaps you could add that to the presentation?

Legacy would be improved if you could add / show 'family' data in a more friendly manner. Example: one finds a Census record or photo showing a family and 12 siblings living at 1 Blackstump Road - currently it has to be added to each of the 14 people living there individually (quite an effort even with Copy / paste of event!). Heaven forbid if you make a typing error and don't see it until after the 14 pastes!

Would be nice if you could add a photo or an event - then call up a listing of people and tick a box for which others you want to link (add) it to. Ability to select whether the data is shown once (on the original record it is added to) or for every person in reports would be a nice extra.

It's not just pictures, there are other things such as events that would be good to link to multiple individuals, to show on each individual's report (which I know can be done), but to suppress duplicates from family / group reports

Photo & scan management and image size/dpi is an important topic, maybe worth a webinar.

Family photos are a treasure, if you have an original, scan it at a high resolution (1200)or so, then you can use the cropping tool to crop out each individual and still have good photo of each. Personally, I use Photoshop Elements, but there are many available. I keep the original scan in the particular family file, then the cropped individuals are copied into my Legacy files. This works great.

How did you get your picture gallery to show only 2 large pictures on each row? Mine shows 5 small pictures on a row and they are hard to see.

When there is a requirement to attach a photo to a person (other than a personal picture of the person the report is about) I use the 'Event' reporting. This way I can attach many pictures to an individual to tell a fuller story with a report attached. Some of my individuals have over 50-60 pictures and reports attached. ...Easy.

I was wondering what the event clipboard is and where to find it. I have events in an individuals profile, but I don't think that is what Geoff Rasmussen is referring to in his post. I have reunion events in my Grandfather's event list with pictures attached, but I don't know of a way to attach these events to the children without duplication.
I tend to put family pictures in the marriage picture box and then later physically add them to a report. I generally copy the Legacy report over to Word to accomplish this.

Lois - the event clipboard consists of the copy and paste buttons on the Edit Event screen. This is found by clicking on the Edit button in the Events/Facts section of the Individual's Information screen.

Debbie - click on the Plus or Minus buttons while in the Picture Gallery. This will increase or decrease the number of pictures being displayed.

Terence - this feature will be coming in a future upgrade of Legacy.

Hey! That's my question :) Thanks so much for answering it, Geoff. I have now started using the copying feature. And thanks to Sherry, I am also using the Picture Center more effectively.

I've just had so many questions answered! Thanks everyone. Yes, a webinar would be a good idea. I, also, should like to be able to print out the photographs with the person's report. Also, is there a way of not duplicating pictures if they are attached to more than one person?

Could someone tell me whether each photo or scan that I add is saved INSIDE Legacy? I think that they are saved in the Multimedia folder but wanted to be sure they aren't just using the location on my hard drive and instead saving a NEW copy just for Legacy. Thank you, Sandy

My problem is naming a photo that has several indiviudlas with different surnames. I would like to come up with an efficient method of naming these photos that will help me search for them on my comnputer at a later date. I tried putting all the names in the photo name but sometimes this is unmanageable. Any suggestions?

Sandy - Legacy is only "linking" to your picture so it is not creating a duplicate copy of the image.

This is a follow-up to Sandy's question of 7/31/11 and Geoff Rasmussen's reply of 8/5/11 confiming that duplicate copies of images are not created but only linked in Legacy. I have many pictures stored on several outboard drives and from time to time I move the drives to different ports and even move the individual pictures. Am I correct in assuming any reconfiguration of this nature will break the links? Other than never moving the drives or the pictures is there any way of avoiding the breakage?

Kevin - you are correct. When you move the pictures, change the drive letter, etc., the existing link in Legacy to that picture will then be invalid.

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