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New Cemetery App for your iPhone or Android phone - RestingSpot

This looks quite interesting. I haven't given it a try yet on my Droid X smartphone, but intend to soon.

A new smartphone app is connecting families with previous generations like never before.

Earlier this month, the free RestingSpot smartphone application became available to the public. Designed for the iPhone and Android platforms, RestingSpot uses GPS technology to locate and preserve a loved one’s final resting place on earth.

No longer will family members and friends waste time wandering about cemeteries, relying upon outdated and confusing maps. Their family history can now be documented and shared with ease from their smartphones or computers.

The app was designed by Omaha residents Brett Atlas and Scott Kroeger. After spending 45 minutes searching for his grandfather’s final resting place in a Chicago cemetery, Atlas contacted Kroeger to discuss the idea. The pair set out to eliminate the frustration for families, and create a platform that preserves and cherishes the memories of loved ones for generations to come.

Once a location is added via the mobile app, a linked profile is instantly created on the RestingSpot website ( Each RestingSpot webpage contains the person’s exact location, down to the precise GPS coordinates within the cemetery, and becomes a virtual home where family and friends can connect and share on birthdays, anniversaries and other meaningful holidays and events.

The RestingSpot goal is to map every location in the United States by Memorial Day, 2013.

Atlas holds degrees from the University of Kansas and John Marshall Law School. Kroeger is a graduate of DePauw University.

To learn more about RestingSpot, visit:, Twitter and Facebook


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Is this strictly a U.S. app? I see that it would be very handy anywhere... ideas?

Hi Karen,

We haven't personally tested it beyond the US, but others have and it seems to work perfectly in marking the spot on the map. We don't yet have a complete worldwide database of cemetery names, however, so the process is the same for those cemetery names here in the US:

If you mark a spot, simple email with the cemetery name and we'll get it in the database.

Thanks for the interest!

How is this different from Billion Graves? I've already started cataloging some cemeteries with their app and can't duplicate my time doing this just because there are two apps. Thanks!

Frank - it looks like they are quite similar. Thanks for letting us know about these other resources.

Frank, we'd love you to try out RestingSpot and see for yourself why it is truly unique. If you agree, we'd be happy to integrate the cataloguing you've already done into our platform, where you may continue marking using RestingSpot. We are always excited to work with our users, and it is due to their constant and thoughtful feedback that we are certain to deliver the best product and experience we can.

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