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Webcam 101 for Seniors

I love my webcam. I use it with Skype and Google+ to video chat with my friends, family, and coworkers for free. Webcams are not just for the tech-savy anymore. Bruce (age 86) and his wife Esther (age 79) Huffman of Beaverton, Oregon are Internet newbies, whose grandchild helped them get going. As this story points out, late last month the couple sat down together and tried to figure out how to make a video with their webcam. What they didn't know was that their first experience would turn them into instant YouTube celebrities. It's only three minutes, but it is hilarious. Watch it below.

Now I wish someone would figure out how we could video chat with our ancestors.


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I think they're just adorable! And he's a darn good monkey! ;-)

I bet they are a hoot in person!

This would be a great subject for a webinar.

I loved it! Laughed until I cried.

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