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My first genealogy "Hallelujah," a Legacy quilt, and my new tablet

I've taught a lot of genealogy classes over the years, but I've never been interrupted quite like I was interrupted in a class I gave Saturday in St. George, Utah. I loved every second of it!


In my class entitled "Legacy Family Tree: Tips and Tricks" I was giving some tricks on adding sources. I had just shown Legacy's Source Clipboard and said to the class, "Isn't this fun!" I heard a few 'yeses' and a couple of soft claps, and then I heard something I never ever expected to hear as a response. In the middle of the room (there were about 200 in attendance) I heard a lady start singing "Hal-le-lu-jah." I was speechless. She actually had a beautiful voice. I no longer had any idea what I was talking about, and when I tried to begin speaking again, I couldn't stop laughing. I took it as a compliment as to how the class was going. Two days later it still puts a big smile on my face when I think of the experience. Don't take this as an opportunity to brainstorm on creative ways of answering or interrupting the speaker, but it was fun to be a part of.

A Legacy Quilt

QuiltThis was another first. While talking with people at our Legacy booth, Elizabeth Herzfeld, a conference attendee, brought me a picture of a wall chart she made with Legacy's Charting tool. In addition to the 12 generations of color-coded ancestors the chart was adorned with photographs, flags, and other embellishments. But it wasn't your every-day chart on paper. She turned it into a quilt! Amazing! She explained that she printed the chart onto some kind of quilting paper and lined everything up just right. With her permission I've shared it here. Way to go Elizabeth!

My New Tablet

The hottest topic at genealogy conferences these days is the use of tablets and smartphones for genealogy. I recently wrote about the Families app here and how it lets you use Legacy on your mobile devices. I've loved using Families on my Droid X phone, but by the end of the week (if it arrives by then), I'll be able to use it, and do lots of other cool stuff on my new tablet - the ASUS Transformer Prime:


I'm certain I'll be more productive at work too!

So my genealogy week has started off on a fantastic note! On Wednesday I'm looking forward to presenting Organizing and Sharing Digital Images to our webinar audience (over 2,000 registrants already), and then I'm off to the South Davis Family History Fair in Bountiful, Utah this weekend. I love my job!


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Can your tablet be hooked up to a computer projector? I am trying to decide what to do because I teach LOTS of classes and need to use my projector. That's why I think an iPad won't work. Am I correct?

I don't know yet Pam. I, too, have been wondering the same thing. Anyone out there know?

Not sure. I have the Transformer Prime. If you purchase the docking keyboard, this will give you a USB port and give you a second battery:)

Yes, an iPad will work; there is an adapter available for about $30 that connects to the projector cable.

The adapter for the iPad 2 (and upcoming iPad3?) can also connect to an HDTV using the proper cords.

I believe that there is also an adapter to be used with a tablet as well.


Most new flatscreen TVs have an HDMI port, which, with an HDMI cable, makes it possible to hook directly to a laptop. Voila! No more projector needed if you want to use a TV.

The iPad can be used with a projector. I teach at the Scottsdale Via Linda Computer Center and we have the cord attached to our projector and we just switch from the computer to the iPad by a switch on the projector control box.

My daughter hooked us on iPad when she conducted business on hers while being our caregiver in December. She needed a projector and bought an Apple unit. What a great paIr. We now use our new iPad2 quite a bit and she and her presentation system are a big hit.

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