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Legacy Family Tree update available (version - Census List Tool enhancements

We have another great new Legacy Family Tree update (free) for you to download. After the recent release of our new Census List Tool, we have had a flood of ideas from you to make the new feature even better. Today's free update adds several of your suggestions.

See the download instructions below for step-by-step instructions on installing this update.

What's New

In our last update we released the genealogy industry's first-ever Census List Tool, which will tell you who was alive on any date in any location. Watch the webinar here. Many of you have figured out that it does much more than just helping you find who was alive during a census. You can use it to help you find who was alive on any date in history.

Today's update adds some fantastic options for excluding individuals from the report or search list.

Exclude individuals from the Report who appear to have already been found in this census - With this option turned on, Legacy looks in several places to see if the current census has already been referenced for a particular person:

  • Event names and descriptions
  • individual and event source citations
  • and individual notes.

If the current census is mentioned in any of these places, you can have the person excluded from the census report. No need to fill up valuable report space with the names of those you have already found. But if you still want to include their names, you can turn on the option to italicize their names. Now it's easy to know who you have found and who you still need to find.


Exclude individuals from the Report with location percentages less than  X % - On the report, Legacy suggests where each person would be living in the census year dependent upon the location's date and how close it was to the census date. Locations with low percentages can be excluded from the census report by selecting a percentage value as the minimum acceptable.

The report also now considers the birth places of the children to help determine where the person may have been living on a certain date.

What's Been Fixed

View the April 16, April 6 and March 29, 2012 release notes here. 

How to Update

For our Deluxe Edition users, all you have to do is connect to the Internet, start Legacy 7, and click on the "Install and Download Now" link on the Legacy Home tab. (If you're reading this from within the Legacy Home tab inside of Legacy 7, you'll first need to click on the Home button in the top left of the Legacy Home tab which looks like the following picture:


If you are a Standard Edition Legacy user, you will need to visit our website. Go to and follow the instructions.


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Hello chaps, I am a Legacy Deluxe user and its a while since I updated (I'm on7.4.0.45).

Your helpful web page says "How to Update" and if I follow the instructions they only take me as far as the Legacy Home Page. Thats where the "How to Update" instructions stop. All I get is a choice to download the standard edition or purchase the deluxe edition.

I'm sure there was once an option to click "internet" then "Check for Updates" - that doesnt seem to exist in my version, although your online help suggests it exists.

Am I missing something?

Colin - if you have Legacy open, click on the "Legacy Home" tab in the upper left. Then in the Updates section, click on the link to download and install the update. Alternatively, you can visit to download/install the update manually.

I ran up against something like this once and downloaded the standard version (save your user number) and then used my number to update to the DeLuxe version.

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