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Legacy Genealogy Cruise - First Day of Classes and Shuffleboard

Bon Voyage - Legacy Genealogy Cruise begins

Tomorrow we leave to begin our 9th annual Legacy Genealogy Cruise, this year to the British Isles. About 200 of us will cruise together, departing from Oslo, Norway and visiting Le Havre (Paris), France; Cherbourg, France; Dublin, Ireland; Liverpool, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Arhus, Denmark; Bergen, Norway; and Geiranger, Norway. We will sail on Royal Caribbean's Vision Of The Seas. We've also got 22 hours of personal Legacy and genealogy instruction from six different instructors, including Irish expert Judy Wight and blogger, Randy Seaver. I'm looking forward to the one-on-one and small group sessions we have planned also.

Just because I will be gone for 17 days enjoying the sun (well, actually the snow and rain...), the food (I promise to spend time in the gym), and time alone with my wife (oh how I will miss my four kiddos at home) doesn't mean I will forget about all of you. I hope to keep you updated - here on this blog (and probably over on our Facebook page too) - nearly every day, with pictures and play-by-play accounts of everything we're up to.

And by the way, even though we won't have our weekly webinars and their traditional coupon codes while we're gone, watch these articles for special coupon codes. In fact, I just had an idea. Why don't we issue a Bon Voyage 10% off-anything-in-the-store coupon code? Here's the code:


It's good for 10% off anything in the online store through the first day of our cruise, Saturday, May 12, 2012.

Our sincere thanks go out to our entire technical support and sales staff who will continue to provide sales and support services while we are away. Thanks Jim, Sherry, Brian, Ron, and Sarah for keeping us afloat!

We'll either see you here, on Facebook, or on the ship!


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