Bon Voyage - Legacy Genealogy Cruise begins
Legacy Genealogy Cruise - Paris

Legacy Genealogy Cruise - First Day of Classes and Shuffleboard

Sunday, May 13

This morning my wife and I were wide awake at 4am. I guess our bodies were still on Arizona time. We watched the sun rise at about 4:30, got dressed, and were first in line when the continental breakfast opened at 6. After enjoying some orange juice, pastries, and fruit, we checked out the conference center. It was already set up with about 100 chairs, a projector, and screen. Good to go! We then admired the art gallery and made our way back to the buffet for our second breakfast. The omelet, crispy dark bacon, and another tall glass of orange juice got me ready for a morning of teaching Legacy classes.

Dave Berdan, Legacy’s co-founder, spoke first. He officially welcomed everyone, introduced our Legacy team, and answered a few questions. Christy had a nice presentation and small gift for all the mothers in room. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I was a good boy this year. Because I would be gone on Mother’s Day, I ordered flowers to be sent to my mother, mother-in-law, and even our babysitter. I surprised my wife with her first-ever pearl necklace and earrings. The day was off to a great start, and it kept getting better. I spoke on the use of timelines, events, sources, Research Guidance, the To Do List, and a few miscellaneous topics. I was surprised when later that night, I had two non-genealogists  (supportive spouses) comment that they really enjoyed the classes. Judy Wight taught an excellent class on tips for finding our English ancestors.

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After lunch Luc and I began our shuffleboard tournament. This is a yearly tradition of ours dating back to our first Legacy genealogy cruise nearly ten years ago. We’ve played in the sunshine, torrential rainstorms, and today in 50-mile-an-hour wind. After our first two games Randy Seaver appeared. We invited him to play, he seemed hesitant at first, but then accepted the invite, with the qualifier that he hadn’t played in years. After the first game we knew that couldn’t be true – he has some real skills.


Since it was formal night tonight I had to put an end to today’s tournament and put on my suit and tie. My wife was beautiful – I love formal night! Dinner was great, but the highlight was that both Christy and Tanya had the same dress. I think this usually bothers women but after the initial surprise, they laughed about it. What a coincidence. Better get some sleep, Paris is tomorrow.


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