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Legacy Tip - how to change your pedigree's colors

4colorsBy now you know that Legacy Family Tree gives you the ability to color-code your ancestors. See our webinar and article for the step-by-steps:

But it wasn't until my 'Legacy Tips & Tricks' class at last week's conference in California that I learned how much some of you wanted to customize these colors to match your own coloring system. After demonstrating how to pick your own colors, there was an audible gasp in the room. I was completely surprised. I had no idea until then that this was a feature that so many would appreciate. I decided then that I would write this article for you.

Once you have turned on the colors (Tools > Apply Ancestor Colors), you can change the colors by going to Options > Customize > View > Ancestor Color Coding. Here, click on the Change button.


Then, click on the Change Box Color buttons:


where you can choose from the basic colors or create your own.

Even though I don't use the color coding system to organize my paper files, I still use this feature. For example, when I'm browsing my pedigree, if the box colors are red, I immediately know that these ancestors are part of my mother's paternal line.


Happy color coding!


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This tip helped me discover Themes in Legacy Charts - thanks.

I cannot see this color coding option on my free version. I assume it is only available to the purchaseable upgrade.

Ann - you may be right, I guess we need to have some deluxe-only features. I don't always remember which are which.

I cannot access the screen shown (Set global ancestor colors) please advise how to access this.

Carl - Options > Customize > View tab > Ancestor Color Coding section > Change button

Geoff, I can colour code my own ancestors but do not seem to be able to have my husband's ancestors colour coded at the same time. If I go to Tools > Apply Ancestor colours when my husband's name is highlighted then I lose the colour coding for my line. Am I missing something or is it only possible to have one persons ancestors colour coded at a time? Thanks! Gill Gaiser

Gill, the feature was designed to start with one person and color code that person's ancestors. It's worth considering to implement the ability to color code multiple lines though.

The colour issue reminded me of something I'd like to add to the wish list. Would it be possible to chane the colour of the writing or the background on an individual person basis. For example I'd like to show all the first borns on my direct ancrstors(they seem to attract each other) or all the redheads or all the immigrants. I don't mind doing it by hand, thought it would be nice if the computer could do it by searchable fields like occupation, generation or residence. At present I have to print the whole tree and use highlighters. Tedious It would be nice if the computer could print coloured chart or save it for future updating. Just something to think about. Thanks for what you've done already. Cheers marilyn

I would love to be able to set colors for multiple lines! The way I have mine set up, though, I could make the current logic work *IF* they would remove the code that clears colors from everyone first, before applying colors. Maybe make that a separate step? The clear colors? Then I could set colors on my daughter (to set the colors correctly on her daddy's side), then set colors on me. (I use 6 colors right now.)
Thanks for considering it, Geoff!
--Paula in Texas

Yes, in light of the above post, I was wondering if there was an eight color scheme or even sixteen that can be developed. The four works pretty good with one person, but when I want to do my kids, I'd like to be able to do each great-grandparent line to help keep my information and my wife's information straight when going back for the kids. That would take eight. And then keep that when the grandkids start showing up (I already have a great-niece and nephew to consider). That would take sixteen.

Geoff, I was sitting on the wrong ancestor when I turned the colors on. How do i get it changed from that ancestor to myself?

I have Legacy 7.5 Deluxe Edition and have followed the steps carefully. I can set the colours to any colours I like on the Customise Set Global Ancestor Colours Box and they remain there when I look back at it but it has no effect on my Pedigree option.

My name is in blue and the rest are a pale gray!

The color coding is wonderful. However, I work on multiple "Family" lines, which necessitate splitting spouses. Ideally, it would be wonderful to have the ability to color code the different lines independently. But, I would settle for just having the same color coding appear on both the Husband & Wife lines without redoing the color coding options every time I switch lines. Hopefully, Legacy will consider implementing this change.

Bruce - you'll need to start with you and then go to Tools > Apply Ancestor Colors. This should take care of it.

Adrian - just navigate to yourself and go to Tools > Apply Ancestor colors. It will then be reset for yourself.

I'm like everyone else. I would like to use the color coding on my husband & myself at the same time. It would be a great help.

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