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Back to work - rafting, a great wall chart, and recording milestones in Legacy

After an 18-hour drive with my wife, four small children, and puppy, we finally made it to Idaho where I get to spend some time with some of my living relatives for a change. My mother-in-law is also my 12th cousin once removed so I guess I'm spending time with my in-laws and my blood relatives.

The first thing I noticed in their home was the large wall chart I created with Legacy and gave as a gift a few years ago. She had it framed and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. If I remember correctly, in Legacy Charting, I chose the "photo glossy" paper type. It truly is stunning - it looks like a large, high-quality color photograph. Not only was I proud that it was displayed in their home, it made me proud of our Legacy software and printing service! Looks like I need to add the pictures of a few more grandchildren.


The day after our arrival my wife and I left for a two-day rafting trip (thanks Grandpa and Grandma for taking the kids!). We did some white-water rafting on our honeymoon, and to celebrate our 15th anniversary this summer we thought we'd give it another try. I admit I was a little nervous as the "canyon" we were going to raft was quite famous. Many of the rapids were named after the person who died trying there.


Only two of us fell out. One of them was our guide who fell out at the class-4 rapids called Little Falls. You can barely see his feet in this picture:


Exhausted, we returned home yesterday. This morning my 6-year-old lost his first tooth. After taking his picture, the very next thing I did was add this as a "milestone" event to his Individual's Information screen in Legacy. Where else would you record such events?


And now, thanks to the wonders of technology, I'm able to work "from home" in Idaho for a week or two while the kids enjoy time with their grandparents. 


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I loved the picture of the wall chart. I am thinking about doing this as a gift for my siblings with our parents at the top. One question with pictures. I would assume you would leave the picture of a divorced spouse off of the chart for harmony. I have them listed as divorced in my data base.

Fred - to remove the divorced person, I would mark them as private in Legacy, and then in Legacy Charting, you can hide them with the Privacy options.

The idea to add a category called Milestone is ingenious. I can see so many new options.

Would marking a previous spouse private after a divorce still display a child from that marriage in the photo chart above. thanks

Tom - yes, the child would still appear unless they were marked as private also.

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