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Wednesday's webinar rescheduled

For the first time ever we have rescheduled our Wednesday webinar. You'll get a week off, and so will I (I was the scheduled presenter), so you will have more time to review the two Heritage Collector webinars and Mary Hill's "Use Your Digital Camera to Copy Records" webinar in the archives.

Yesterday, thousands of you received an email notifying you of the change, and hundreds of you wrote to me asking for clarification. Yes, the webinar has been rescheduled for August 14, 2013, which is just less than one year away. So you have lots of time to make plans around that day! If you can believe it, our weekly webinars are scheduled all the way through December 11, 2013, and there was only one opening between now and then - August 14, 2013. If you were registered, you do not have to do anything, except for changing the date on your calendar. You are still registered for "Digital Research Guidance."

Keeping our webinar schedule is extremely important to us, but in tomorrow's case, unexpected events popped up. We'll make it up to you, starting with the 10 remaining fantastic webinars we have planned for the rest of this year and the 39 already scheduled for 2013. Visit to watch or register.


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