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Windows 8, Part 2 - Running Legacy Family Tree

Windows 8, Part 1 - ordering, downloading, and installation

This morning I ordered Windows 8 and began its download. While I write this article my download is 35% complete, with a little over 7 minutes remaining. So far the process has been very simple. For those interested, here's the step-by-steps:

1. At, I clicked on the Buy Windows 8 button. It downloaded a small file which launched the compatibility wizard.


2. It found 54 apps and devices which were compatible, and 9 that I needed to review:


3. It showed the list of what was compatible, and what was not.


4. It asked me what files I wanted to keep. Of course I selected the first option.


5.Next I was presented with the opportunity to purchase Windows 8 Pro. At $39.99 it was a bargain compared to previous upgrade prices.


6. The next screen:


7. Filled in my billing address:


8. And my payment information:


9. They accepted my credit card, and presented me with my Product Key. I clicked on the View Receipt link and printed it. I was also emailed a copy.


10. Then it began the large download.


It's now at 96%, with 28 seconds to go. I'll keep you updated on what I learn today. If I do not write another article in the next couple of hours, it's because I either 1) uninstalled Windows 8, 2) really liked it and am still playing, or 3) went to my 5th grader's awards assembly at the school. I know I'll do number 3, but am unsure about #s 1 or 2.

What about you? Have you installed Windows 8 yet?

...a few minutes later...

Oops, I spoke too soon. I ended with this screen:


Just prior to this, my AntiVirus program gave me a warning. Maybe this software interfered with the download and installation. Most software installation procedures recommend to disable AntiVirus and Firewall software prior to installation. I'm going to do that now and see if it makes a difference for my second try. Back to work....

9:25am Update...that seemed to do the trick. It is now in the process of "getting files ready."

Hmm...which should I choose. Let's go with the first one. I wish there were a "what does this mean" link next to each option:


Next, agree to the license terms. I know...boring...but I wanted you to see the entire process:


OK, I guess I won't be able to write anymore until installation is done. See you soon!


10:46am update - just got back from my son's award's assembly. He got straight A's and made the Principal's List!

When I returned home, the installation wizard asked me a few questions about my favorite colors and preference selections. I'm now working with Windows 8! It has both a desktop mode (which looks identical to Windows 7, but without the Start menu) and the Tile mode. I'm nervous for the Tile mode, mostly because it's so new and different, but am looking forward to exploring. So far so good.

Tell us about your experience below. Have you made the upgrade yet? Why or why not?


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Go to stardock and download Start-8 it costs less than $8 and it add the start menu back in... well worth it's weight in gold!


I've been working with the consumer preview and really enjoy it. I'll be upgrading to W8 on my production machine this weekend but will uninstall my anti-virus software first. According to many posts I have seen, it seems that the anti-virus software is the biggest issue between success and failure.

I guess that I'm getting lazy. Instead of downloading and installing Windows 8, I got on the website and ordered a new Windows 8 machine. Now I wait for November 21.

I upgraded to Win8 with a "special" price of $37.95 from a local computer sales outlet. Win8 is OK, but I lost my favorite Spider game. I had to play with the tiles until I got the programs that I use most often moved to where I want them. I went to purchase "Spider" from the Windows store but Win8 won't open that pane so I don't know how to buy anything from MS. Overall, I don't see anything that is faster, and now I have to sign in every morning where I never had to do that before.

Yes, I have upgraded, via a new computer Dell, All In One, just received yesterday, currently transferring data, have not loaded my Legacy Program yet. So far every has been everything has been very self-explanatory and I think it is going to be great.

What is the "Windows DVD" option for $14.99? Is this a mail order version of the download? Is there an advantage to this option?

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