Windows 8, Part 1 - ordering, downloading, and installation
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Windows 8, Part 2 - Running Legacy Family Tree

After my successful Windows 8 installation just minutes ago, the first thing I checked was its compatibility with Legacy Family Tree. It runs perfectly! No problems at all.

I can launch Legacy from the normal desktop mode, or from Windows 8's new Tile Mode. Here is what it looks like:

10-26-2012 10-52-59 AM

I have not yet done any customization. On the left are the default tiles, and on the right are my most popular apps/programs. Clicking once on the Legacy icon, Legacy opened as expected.

This is going to be fun! I'll keep you posted on what I learn.


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Been running it on Windows 8 for a couple months and I agree!

Getting used to the new Windows interface will likely be the biggest challenge to long time Windows users. Microsoft intentionally did not include a 'legacy view' for those who prefer the Windows 7 or earlier interface. My productivity has plummeted as what used to be, say a right mouse click away, is now buried of somewhere else in the interface. This Windows version tries very hard to isolate the user from what is going on behind the interface in the machine, which might make trouble shooting/tweaks to your Windows 8 installation much more difficult to do on your own.

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