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New Legacy QuickGuides - Newspapers, Heirlooms, and Starting a Family Archive

Legacy QuickGuidesTM are quickly becoming one of the more popular resources for genealogists. Each guide contains four pages of valuable information covering a variety of genealogy research topics, and are written by genealogists and family historians who are experts in the subject areas. Today we announce the availability of three new Legacy QuickGuides: Using Historical Newspapers for Genealogy Research by Julie Tarr, Preserving Family Heirlooms by Denise Levenick, and Starting a Family Archive by Denise Levenick.

Q_NEWSPAPRUsing Historical Newspapers for Genealogy Research

Newspapers can be a goldmine for genealogists. Serving as the gateway to the past, historical newspapers help genealogists learn about the events and perceptions that affected a community. The Using Historical Newspapers for Genealogy Research Legacy QuickGuide™ contains useful information designed as an introduction to the wealth of information to be found in historical newspapers and how to overcome the challenges associated with newspaper research.

Available in a laminated 4-page printed guide or digital PDF.

Q_PRESERVEPreserving Family Heirlooms

Are you the keeper of the “family stuff,” boxes of documents, photographs, and memorabilia? Get straightforward tips on how to care for and preserve your family treasures in the Preserving Family Heirlooms Legacy QuickGuide™. Learn the best storage strategies for scouting and military memorabilia, toys, china, documents, correspondence, photographs, and more. Discover online resources for appraisers, conservators, archival storage suppliers, and conservation experts. 

Available in a laminated 4-page printed guide.

Starting a Family Archive

Q_ARCHIVEA curator and a collector have a lot in common: both selectively acquire, care for, use, and display special things. A family curator is a collector of family artifacts and memorabilia. Like any kind of collection, even family treasures can become overwhelming if they are not effectively organized and stored for preservation. The Starting a Family Archive Legacy QuickGuide™ is packed with essential information and basic strategies to help you organize a family archive in your home and find resources for restoration, preservation, and disaster recovery. Preserve what is important to you, to your family, and to your community!

Available in a laminated 4-page printed guide.

Legacy QuickGuides


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