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Welcome to a New Year of Indexing

FamilySearch Indexing is one of my favorite ways to spend a few extra minutes. It is enjoyable to do, plus it helps others find their ancestors too. Read FamilySearch's update below - it's going to be an exciting year for genealogy!

Thanks to the contributions of more than 358,000 dedicated FamilySearch indexers and arbitrators, over 263,250,000 records have been added to in the past 12 months. This far surpasses the achievements of volunteers in any previous year.

And though it is already the largest volunteer crowdsourcing effort of its kind, FamilySearch indexing continues to gain momentum. For 2013 the attention of the community will focus on three main initiatives—the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Community Project, the Italian Ancestors project, and a greatly expanded emphasis on Latin American records.

Everyone is welcome to join the community as we move forward in the new year. Visit to get started.

Current and Completed Projects
To view a list of currently available indexing projects, along with their record language and completion percentage, visit the FamilySearch indexing updates page. To learn more about individual projects, view the FamilySearch projects page.

New Projects Added

• Belgium, Hainaut—Registres Civils, 1871–1897
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3U]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3V]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3W]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3X]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3Y]
• Honduras—Registros Parroquiales, 1702–1970 [Parte 1B]
• Italia (Antenati Italiani), Caltanissetta—Nati, 1888–1902 [Parte 3]
• Italia (Antenati Italiani), Udine—Nati, 1875–1901 [Parte 2]
• México, Guanajuato, Celaya—Registros Parroquiales, 1786–1941
• México, Sonora, Hermosillo—Registros Parroquiales, 1783–1967
• New Zealand—Passenger Lists, 1871–1915 [Part 2C]
• New Zealand—Passenger Lists, 1871–1915 [Part 2D]
• Perú, Arequipa, Sagrario—Registros Bautismales, 1644–1921
• Polska, Diecezja Radom—Księgi Metrykalne, 1664–1864 [Część 4]
• South Africa—Church of the Province of South Africa Baptism Registers, 1850–1914 [Part 2]
• Uruguay—Índice del Registro Civil, 1900–1937
• U.S.(Community Project), New York, Northern—Arrival Manifests, 1902–1956
• U.S.(Community Project), New York—Naturalization Card Index, 1792–1906 [Part A]
• U.S.(Community Project), New York—Naturalization Card Index, 1792–1906 [Part B]
• U.S.(Community Project), Texas—Naturalization Records, Federal Courts, 1906–1985
• U.S., Alabama—County Marriages, 1809–1950 [Part D]
• U.S., Arkansas—WWII , First Draft Registration Cards, 1940-1945 [Part C]
• U.S., Delaware—Death Certificates, 1955–1961
• U.S., Florida—County Marriages, 1830–1957 [Part C]
• U.S., Illinois, Maywood—Maywood Herald Obituary Card Index, 1885–2002
• U.S., Illinois—Pekin Times Obituary Cards, 1914–2007
• U.S., Indiana, Spencer County—Marriages 1811–1959
• U.S., Indiana, Starke County—Marriages 1811–1959
• U.S., New York—Marriage Licenses 1908–1935 [Part C]
• U.S., New York—1865 State Census
• U.S., Ohio—County Births, 1856-1956 [Part B]
• U.S., Wisconsin—1865 State Census
• U.S.—Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933 [Part D]=

View the FamilySearch projects page to see the full list of available projects and to learn more about how to participate in various projects.

Recently Completed Projects

Note: Recently completed projects have been removed from the available online indexing batches and will now go through a final completion check process. They will be published at in the near future.

• Argentina, 1869 Census - [3]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3J]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3K]
• Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Cartões de Imigração, 1900–1965 [Parte 3R]
• Colombia, Antioquia, Sonsón y Rionegro—Registros Parroquiales, 1814–2008
• Deutschland, Baden—Württemberg, Emmendingen—Kirchenbücher, 1810-1869
• España, Malaga—Registros Civiles 1846-1870
• Guatemala, Chiquimula—Nacimientos, 1929–2008 [Parte 1]
• Italia (Antenati Italiani), Napoli—Atti di Nascita, 1809–1865 [Parte 1B]
• Italia (Antenati Italiani), Taranto—Nati, 1875–1879
• New Zealand, Passenger Lists—1871-1915 [Part 2A]
• Perú, Puno—Nacimientos Civiles, 1890–1965 [Part B]
• Perú, Puno—Nacimientos Civiles, 1890–1965 [Part C]
• Suisse, Vaud—Terriers 1234–1798 [Partie A]
• UK, England, and Wales—1871 Census [Part B]
• U.S. (Community Project), California, Southern—Naturalization Index, 1915–1976
• U.S. (Community Project), Florida—Key West Passenger Lists, 1898–1920
• U.S. (Community Project), Louisiana—New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1903–1945
• U.S. (Community Project), Maryland, Baltimore—Airplane Passenger Lists, 1954–1957
• U.S. (Community Project), Massachusetts, Boston—Passenger Lists, 1891–1943 [Part A]
• U.S. (Community Project), New York—Passenger Lists, 1925–1942 [Part G]
• U.S. (Community Project), New York—Passenger Lists, 1925–1942 [Part I]
• U.S. (Community Project), New York—Passenger Lists, 1925–1942 [Part J]
• U.S. (Community Project), New York—Passenger Lists, 1925–1942 [Part K]
• U.S. (Community Project), Pennsylvania, Philadelphia—Passenger List Index Cards, 1883–1948
• U.S. (Community Project), Pennsylvania—Eastern District Naturalization Indexes, 1795–1952
• U.S. (Community Project), Texas, Eagle Pass—Arrival Manifests, 1905–1953
• U.S., Arkansas—Second Registration Draft Cards, 1948–1959 [Part 2]
• U.S., Arkansas—WWII, First Draft Registration Cards, 1940–1945 [Part B]
• U.S., Arkansas—WWII, First Draft Registration Cards, 1940–1945
• U.S., California—County Marriages 1880–1920
• U.S., Colorado—Statewide Marriage Index, 1900–1939
• U.S., Indiana, Pike County Marriages—1811-1959
• U.S., Indiana, Porter County, Marriages—1811-1959
• U.S., Indiana, Pulaski County Marriages—1811–1959
• U.S., Indiana, Putnam County Marriages—1811-1959
• U.S., Kentucky, Caldwell and Henry Counties—Will Records [Part B]
• U.S., Louisiana—World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1940–1945
• U.S., Maine—Veteran Cemetery Records, 1676–1918
• U.S., Michigan—County Deaths, 1921–1952
• U.S., Michigan—County Deaths, 1921-1952 [Part B]
• U.S., New York—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [Part 2C]
• U.S., New York—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918 [Part 2B]
• U.S., New York—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918 [Part 2D]
• U.S., Oregon—County Marriages, 1865-1955
• U.S., Pennsylvania—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [Part 2B]
• U.S., Pennsylvania—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [Part 2C]
• U.S., South Dakota—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918 [Part 4A]
• U.S., South Dakota—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918 [Part 4A]
• U.S., Tennessee—County Marriages, 1791-1950
• U.S., Washington—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918 [Part 4A]
• U.S., Wyoming—WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918 [Part 4A]
• U.S.—1920 Federal Census
• U.S.—Veterans Pension Cards, 1907-1933 [Part C]
• Россия, Самара—Метрические книги церкви, 1609–1927 [часть 4]

About FamilySearch

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Learn Legacy - 4 tools to help you make the most of Legacy Family Tree in 2013

Lots of you woke up Christmas morning and found that Santa brought you Legacy Family Tree software. Congratulations and welcome to the Legacy family!

Now that you have the best genealogy software, here are some tools to help you make the most of it.

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Watch Geoff Live webinar-on-CD Bundle (5 CDs) - In these webinars, Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen demonstrates what to do with census records, obituaries, marriage records, death records, and cemetery photos as he adds the information to his real, personal Legacy family file. The classes were presented live and unscripted, giving attendees a first-hand look at how a professional genealogist analyzes and records information using Legacy Family Tree. This bundle of 5 webinar-on-CDs includes over 8 hours of instruction. Click here to purchase or to learn more.

Happy New Year!


Legacy Family Tree is coming to Mesa, Arizona this weekend

Join us in warm Mesa, Arizona this weekend for the annual Arizona Family History Expo! Visit our booth, chat with the Legacy developers, attend our classes, and take advantage of our special conference pricing in the free exhibit hall. The conference is held at the Mesa Convention Center at 263 N. Center Street. Click here for more information or to register.

Free exhibit hall hours

Visit us in booths 24 and 34. Meet the Legacy developers, bring your questions or suggestions, and pick up Legacy products at conference-only pricing. The exhibit hall is free and open to the public.

  • Friday, January 18 - 12pm-7:20pm
  • Saturday, January 10 - 9am-4pm

Legacy Family Tree (and other) classes

All taught by Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen:

  • Friday, 3:50pm: Organizing, Researching, Mapping, Sourcing, and Sharing with Legacy Family Tree
  • Friday, 6:00pm: Use Legacy Family Tree to Create Shareable CDs, Books, Charts, and More
  • Friday, 7:20pm: Legacy Family Tree for Your Mobile Device Plus Other Tips & Tricks
  • Saturday, 11:20am: Cemeteries Go Digital
  • Saturday, 1:30pm: Mapping Your Ancestors Electronically: Using Software and the Internet

Hope to see you there!

Webinar Wednesday - In the Trenches: Successful On-site Research by Marian Pierre-Louis

LogowhiteOur 2013 webinar season begins this Wednesday with one of our favorite webinar speakers, Marian Pierre-Louis. She will present "In the Trenches: Successful On-Site Research." Here's the description:

You've created a great research plan so what happens next? It's time to get out and start visiting libraries, archives and repositories! Join Marian Pierre-Louis as she provides tips for successful on-site visits.

Join us for the live webinar on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 2pm Eastern U.S. Register today to reserve your virtual seat. Registration is free but space is limited to the first 1,000 people to join that day. Before joining, please visit to ensure you have the latest version of Java which our webinar software requires. When you join, if you receive a message that the webinar is full, you know we've reached the 1,000 limit, so we invite you to view the recording which should be published to the webinar archives within an hour or two of the event's conclusion.


About the presenter

Marianpierrelouis-100Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogical writer and speaker who specializes in southern New England research (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts). Born and raised in Connecticut, she has lived in Massachusetts for almost 20 years. Marian has three generations of recent family ties to Rhode Island and also links to some very old Rhode Island lines.  As a result, these three states have become the focus of her research activity. Unlike most genealogists, Marian is spoiled to spend most of her time working with original records.  You will most often find her researching at a town hall, registry of deeds, probate court or the local cemetery. It’s a rare day that Marian has to sit in front of a microfilm reader. 

Marian is actively engaged in social media.  You can find her starting conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. She frequently speaks on New England topics including house history research, social media, African American research and a broad range of genealogical topics. She is the author of several blogs including: Marian's Roots & Rambles and The New England House Historian. She is the host of the new Internet radio show, Fieldstone Common. Listen to her each Thursday at Her website is

She is the author of:

  • Ten Brick Wall Tips for Intermediate Researchers webinar-on-CD
  • Plan Your Way to Research Success
  • Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners
  • Pilgrims and Patriots: Discover Your Massachusetts Ancestors
  • Brick Walls: Cracking the Case of Nathan Brown's Parents
  • Researching Your Connecticut Ancestors

Her webinar CDs can be found here.

Add it to your Google Calendar

With our Google Calendar button, you will never forget our upcoming webinars. Simply click the button to add it to your calendar. You can then optionally embed the webinar events (and even turn them on and off) into your own personal calendar. If you have already added the calendar, you do not have to do it again - the new webinar events will automatically appear.

Webinar time

The webinar will be live on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at:

  • 2pm Eastern (U.S.)
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Here's how to attend:

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  8. Listen via headset (USB headsets work best), your computer speakers, or by phone.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Legacy Tip - how to record where you have lived AND a personal update

It has been almost two weeks since our family's move to the state of Idaho (brrrr...), so it is time to record our new residence in Legacy Family Tree. According to Legacy's Chronology View, this is the 20th residence of my 37-year-old life, and the 8th of my 15 years of marriage. In another week, I'll get to add one more residence event to Legacy (we're currently living at my mother-in-law's until construction on our new house is complete). Because of the way I have recorded these life events, Legacy created this map of where I have lived:


Clicking on the Mapping button in the main toolbar created a map showing all of the places we have lived. Zooming in to our current residence, and clicking on the Bird's Eye link displayed this terrific map:


Here's the step-by-step instructions of creating these residence events:

In the Marriage Information screen, click Add and fill in the fields.


If you do not like the default sentence of "They had a residence from 27 Oct 2004 to 21 Dec 2012 in 14710 North 129th Drive, El Mirage, Maricopa, Arizona", use the Sentence Override tab to customize specifically to this event, or you can click on the Edit Event Sentence Definition to adjust the sentence's template.

Adding a residence is the one time I stray from my own advice to not add the address to the place. I add them here for my personal residences so they are more-precicely plotted on the map.

Just had an idea...I would also like to add a picture of the house for each different residence event. That'd be cool, wouldn't it?

After clicking Save, our Marriage Events appear:


Now, when I click on the Chronology View, my entire life's timeline is displayed, including those residence events I have added for the places I lived before our marriage. Note to Geoff: remember to get pictures of every house - a picture timeline of these would be really fun!


For more about adding events, sources, and more, watch the Watch Geoff Live webinar series.

Personal update:

As you may know, we have lived in Arizona for the past 8 years. This past summer, we took a vacation to Idaho to see my wife's parents. In the end, we ended up wanting to extend the vacation permanately. I wrote about all this on my personal blog.

In our first week here, my 3-year-old experienced her first snow. I had my camera out to take a picture, but it was in video mode. I'm glad it was - I asked her what she thought of her first snow. She looked at me, gave me a weird face, and then replied, "I think I have to go to the bathroom," and quickly ran inside. So cute!

In our short time here, we've been able to enjoy the mountains, grandparents, Christmas, New Year's, cooler temps than we're used to, and have now found three good fishing holes. And the great thing about my job - I can do it from anywhere! I've been working really, really hard on a new project. Can't wait to announce it to all of you in the next month or so. Happy new year everyone!